Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Red admiral butterfly on Sweet cicely. (Vanessa atalanta on Osmorhiza longistylis.)

This is the same type of butterfly from last year's butterfly wrangling post.

I know that they are widespread, but somehow it still surprised me to see a picture of one on a blog from Israel that I ran across recently. (Lots of nice flower and cat pics there too.)


Technical note: Yesterday's bluebird post was MIA for most of the day due to Blogger problems, sorry!

It will probably be Rurality Lite for a while due to several things (none of which are bad news). Some obnoxious bragging coming up soon about one of them.


pablo said...

I hear blogger was having fits all over cyberspace yesterday. I didn't seem to have any trouble getting in.

Will your braggery have anything to do with 39 steps?

Jenn said...

"Some obnoxious bragging coming up soon about one of them."

Oh, really?

so said...

Gorgeous composition on your butterfly!

Ron said...


After being dazzled by last Spring's incredible flood of migrating red admirals, we did some looking-up -- that might be the most widely distributed butterfly on the planet. Tough and persistent little bugs, and handsome besides. My respect and admiration for the species got a big boost.

And we're waiting for your bragging, too!

chiefbiscuit said...

C'mon fessup!!
WE (in new Zealand) get Red Admirals as well ... mostly in autumn tho' for some reason. They are beautiful things. So silent! (I think they have been tracked flying across oceans ...)

Floridacracker said...

Brag on!

Dave said...

Nice shot!

edifice rex said...

I think I know what you'll be bragging about! Maybe? how was the Bloomin' Festival? Hey, I've got a flower posted that you need to help me ID.

Rurality said...

Thanks y'all.

Pablo, yep, that's it.

Jenn, well there will be a picture OF what I'll be bragging about. :)

SO, I must confess that I'm a croppin' fool. Snap now, crop later is my mantra.

Ron, they really are amazing.

CB, now you've got me thinking about the sound butterflies would make, if they could...

FC, coming soon.

Thanks Dave.

Annie, yeah I may have mentioned it to you already - can't remember! Bloomin Festival was good. Hot. But good.

threecollie said...

You pictures are, as always, spectacular.