Friday, September 15, 2006


I don't have to read it.

I wrote it!


Black and Yellow Garden spider, aka Golden Orb Weaver, aka Writing Spider (Argiope aurantia).

Submitted to the Friday Ark.


I don't check my sitemeter obsessively like I used to. But it can be barrel-o-monkeys funny now and then, so I try to look from time to time.

"Chicken nest boxes" has taken a back seat to both "white fuzzy caterpillar" and "yellow fuzzy caterpillar" as top search terms.

Apparently, googling "Alcohol and rambling pic" brings first Woody Guthrie, and then me (a post in which I rambled and offered that many alcohol laws were dumb). The ways of the internets are strange indeed.


It's taking me a while to get back up to speed with all the blogs I read. But I noticed that a few of them had featured the same meme in the past month.

It's one of those "Things I have done" lists and I'm not going to reproduce the whole thing, but here are the things I've done that neither Stu, Ron, nor Chris have done:

11. Visited Paris
75. Gotten divorced
90. Gone to Thailand

I was going to add

108. Piloted an airplane

but that would probably be cheating. My uncle just let me take the controls for a little while.

One side of my family is a flying bunch. My mother flew an airplane before she drove a car. One uncle was an Air Force pilot, and another uncle and three cousins flew small planes for fun & profit. One of those cousins became a Delta pilot.

On the other hand, my Dad was afraid to fly. I used to tease him about it all the time. Especially later, after I had flown and really enjoyed it. Then somehow I developed a fear of it too. I can fly in a plane. I just really, really, really don't want to.

I'm rambling again.


Ron Sullivan said...

Wow. You been all around this world.

I love flying, too. I think I've sworn off the airlines thing since we got frisked coming and going and given a hard time generally when we took Joe's mother back to Arkansas to bury her, though. The one time I was up in a small plane (from Sugarloaf Key to the Dry Tortugas) I was in heaven.

The problem is: can't drive to Hawai'i.

Stu said...

Not cheating! If you could have, even for a moment, forced the plane into a steep dive, then you, my friend, were piloting the plane. Fantastic!

I'd love to read a post about your thaime in Thailand.

Pamela said...

"Yellow fuzzy caterpillar" has been a big draw for me lately too--but nothing beats "rabbit pee" for long-term consistent performance!

On another post--so glad to hear the critter cam is back in business. Enjoyed the deer--looking forward to more!

gawilli said...

When I saw the pictures I thought of these Guy Clark lyrics from Analog Girl:

Out in the garden she’s got a website
It sparkles in the mornin’ dew
Got a mouse in her pocket,
she’s got spam in a can
What’s an analog girl to do
Ones and zeros, zeros and ones
She’ll have none of that virtual fun
She’s a real deal ol’ fashioned analog girl
In a digital world

A little silly, but I couldn't shake I thought I would share.

Rurality said...

Ron, not really - it just happened that two of the places I'd been were on that list!

Stu, it all sounds so much more impressive if you don't know that I did all that travelling over 20 years ago. :) I think the pictures from Thailand are in storage someplace. We spent six weeks there, mostly in Bangkok, Ching Mai, and Ko Samui island. At the time it was very cheap to stay there. I think our little hut on the island was $1 a night. And we needed cheap accomodations because we has a lot of money stolen while there. Had to ecomomize on food too - I weighed 96 pounds when I came back!

Pamela, I'd never have thought so many people were interested in caterpillars. Not to mention rabbit pee!

Gawilli, that fits perfectly! Thanks for sharing it.