Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bring me penguin dust

My book on tape mentioned ostriches, and I suddenly realized that I dreamed about them the night before. Like the zombies from last week, I don't remember much about them. Except perhaps the suggestion that one of the ostriches was wearing a saddle.

I'm not superstitious, or not much anyway. I believe it's actually very difficult to have no superstitions at all. Still, I don't really believe in omens or portents, except maybe in a vaguely poetic sort of sense.

But when I started the day by finding the mailbox smashed to smithereens, I was somehow less surprised to learn that the only toasty sub shop within 30 miles had closed. Less forlorn that the search for a certain wildflower came up empty (due, I think, to deer appetites). And less angry than usual that the cats decided to divide a one gallon loosely-potted plant and all its dirt between the table, the upholstered chair, and the floor. And ground two weeks worth of mail into it. And attacked and chewed nearly to bits the charming tea towels. (After dragging them through the dirt.)

Better luck tomorrow.


pablo said...

The deer are behind it all. I'm convinced of this.

KFarmer said...

It's a conspiracy... Hope today is better :)

Annie in Austin said...

My mind got stuck on the saddle-wearing ostriches... think I saw that in a Disney movie from the sixties.

Deer are the enemy of plant diversity.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Phillip said...

I've had days like this. I don't know much about astrology but maybe our moon and stars are not aligned properly on those days? So does dreaming of ostriches predict a bad day ahead?

Ava said...

It will get better!!!!

Rose Connors said...

Condolences on your day. Sounds like a train wreck. I am also upset when you can't find the wildflowers.

Rurality said...

Pablo, you may be right. Maybe it was them who crashed into the mailbox then fled without leaving a note.

Thanks KF.

Annie, I probably did too, and it's been rolling around in my subconscious til just now. :)

Phillip, no, you're ruining my image of your life spent in perfect gardening bliss... will let you know the next time I dream about ostriches.

Thanks Ava.

Rose - and they were liles!

Ontario Wanderer said...

So do you know the children's book called "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" by Judith Viorst ?

Shady Gardener said...

Just don't leave for Australia! ;-)

Woody said...

I had the mail box mashers attack here. never have been able to understand the drunken appeal of driving around the county smacking defenseless postal receptacles with a perfectly good baseball bat. It got me to thinking about a mailbox that could defend itself...I'd like to borrow your wildlife camera to see the eyes of the surprised victim of a pissed off mail box..lol

Rurality said...

OW, I've heard of it, and in fact I think of that title every time I have one of those days. But I've never read it.

SG, don't plan to. But never say never. :)

Woody, good idea. But this was actually a car accident I think. Judging from all the automotive bits that were left, the car sustained a lot more damage ($$-wise) than the mailbox.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord. I have had days like that (haven't we all).

Better luck tomorrow - of course! - there are few ways the next day can be worse (and we won't mention them)

Superstition, you know.

Rurality said...

By the way in case anyone finds this post via Googling the title, you can find the poem that phrase is from here.