Thursday, July 26, 2007

More ducks

I had to work the garden hotline yesterday and was exhausted by the time I got home. It was a day full of characters, which was interesting but not exactly relaxing. So, no time for new pictures, but here are a few more of the ducks.

My original description of Duckie's top-knot/crest/pouf is here. Basically it's a skull deformity. (But a cute one.)

Here are some views from other angles. Yes, it's very soft! But the capturing nearly gives her a heart attack, so we don't feel it too often.

I mentioned the other day that male ducks like to grab onto the crest for umm, balance, so she'd lost a few feathers. Here is the other female Runner duck, Runt, who's missing a few feathers herself.

Poor dear. Chickens do this too, by the way. Roosters seem to know their business better, though. It's quickly over. Ducks I've observed in the wild don't mess around either.

Our ducks however... well, maybe they need a how-to video. Boss-duck, and especially Tuxedo, sometimes just walk back and forth across the backs of the female ducks. Up and down, circle around, back up, back down, etc. Quacking the whole time but not really, well, doing anything.

Often the female gets tired of waiting I guess, or tired of being stepped on, and manages to escape. Sometimes they are caught again within a few steps, and the process starts all over again.

I'm not sure if all domestic ducks are this way, or just Indian Runner ducks. Or just ours.


edifice rex said...

Lord, that sounds like some guys I've known. ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

They are both really dear! I know very little about Ducks, but I know these two are wonderful and the pictures really splendid!
Thanks for your visit and your very nice comment!

Faith said...

I love that crazy green and orange bill.

kris said...

I like that bill too! These ducks with the crests are too cute. On our lake, the mallards are gang bangers - 2 males will chase down a female and hold her under water. Really ticks me off.

Rurality said...

Annie, ha! Thankfully most men aren't like that. :)

Naomi, thanks, having ducks has definitely been a learning experience.

Faith, Bluebill was like that too... but hers eventually turned all dark.

Kris, yep I've seen male Mallards kill a female that way. Drowned her! Not exactly the best way to perpetuate the species.

Anonymous said...

we had pekings and mallards growing up. The males were both persistent and clumsy. The poor girls just had to keep enduring the behavior over and over again! The mallards had more of a handle on things than the peking though.

Maktaaq said...

Zombie dreams?

I have heard awful things about these rapist ducks elsewhere. Grr!

Your deformed duck is adorable - I shared this one's photos with Matt over breakfast.