Monday, July 16, 2007

Recent Game Cam action

I swear they look more like cheap plastic toys than real animals, but they dig enough foxholes for a whole regiment of green army men.

Masked bandit who looks like she's been on a diet. (I dreamed I was about this thin last night, but when I woke up it wasn't true.) We had a lot more raccoons when we lived in the suburbs than we do here out in the country.

Looks like frost on the grass, doesn't it? But this is Alabama, not Minnesota. The camera hasn't moved, but the previous photo was before all the recent rain, and this one was just a few days ago. What a difference in the grass!

Why are you so skinny? You've eaten all but two of our chickens!


Wayne has been showing some recent pics from his Cuddeback too. He's got a different version than we do.

I'm not sure what type Linda has, but there's been a lot of action at her house!


I forgot to post a link to the Friday Ark on Friday. So go visit now if you haven't already.


Anonymous said...

Lots of life you'd never see without it, eh? I'm starting to think I should get myself one of these gizmos/

Laura said...

This is really neat. I'm interested in the technology used to do this (the "gizmo"). Where can I learn more?

robin andrea said...

Armadillos really do look like cheap plastic toys, but very cute. I am surprised to read that you only have two chickens left. All those beauties are gone. No more colorful eggs?

Maktaaq said...

That armadillo is adorably plastic. As for the coyote, I am sure that even with the chickens, he's not getting enough to become really plump.

PS I love the game cam pictures!

meresy_g said...

Are they so skinny because of the lack of rain? Or maybe are they yearlings who still carry that lanky awkwardness of youth? I love that you have armadillos.

Rurality said...

Wren & Laura, oh yeah! It's a lot of fun. Ours is a Cuddeback ( ). We bought it from an online place called BossBuck.

It's triggered by heat so in the summer in Alabama we don't get a lot of pictures. It works a lot better in the winter.

RA, we have one Easter Egger and one Marans left, so we have green and brown eggs still, just not too many. Now that it's just the two of them, they stick closer to home so maybe they'll survive a while.

Maktaaq, they ate sooo many chickens! And of course the place is crawling with rabbits too. Normally the coyotes we see are much fatter!

Meredith, well they can always get water from the creek or our ponds, but their main prey animals probably have less to eat because of the drought so in a way I guess it may affect them. And you wouldn't think them cute if they were digging in your garden! :) Well maybe you would, but you'd cuss them too.

Linda said...

Our trail cam is a Wild View purchased at Cabela's. Our resolution is not very good. We wish we would have researched and purchased one with better quality pictures. Thanks for the link, Rurality!

kris said...

Fun photos - I think you're right about raccoons being burb critters. I live in Minnesota - but we have temps in the 80's and 90's - yikes, for July that was just so wrong!

Rurality said...

Linda yours seems to trigger pretty accurately. I wish ours were a little faster. (I think the newer Cuddebacks are.)

Kris, I wondered if Deb's frost in July was normal or not... she said she'd now had frost in every month of the year there!

KFarmer said...

Loved your pics as ususal. Hope you relocated the dillo- It will surely tear-up your yard and make holes you would not believe and kill all your plants.

Racoons are chicken killers too- they like to kill and hang them up somewhere to season for a while before they eat them. I called the county boys and they brought a trap for "what ever" was breaking into the coop and killing my girls. It was a racoon believe it or not. And oh, the smell coming from the rafters of the coop/barn where it had hung my chickens...gag! I've caught a few opossums doing the same thing too. They will wipe you out in no time flat.

lisa said...

Love the game cam pics, as usual! Sounds like your armadillo's are like my porcupines-kinda cool to see until they launch into "destructo-mode", and then you want them gone! That really IS one skinny raccoon...sick, maybe?