Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still raining

The only problems with all this rain... a dirty dog and a grassy garden.

Oh yeah, and the yard can't be mowed because it hasn't dried out yet.

But I'm not complaining.

There won't be any such thing as "too much rain" for quite a while - we're still something like 20 inches below normal rainfall for the year.


Rainypete said...

We're dying for some rain round these parts. My poor grass looks like straw and even the trees are starting to look a little wilty.

Woody said...

This is the first year in five or six that we have had timely rain. I never knew that we had some of the plants found recently,,lol I think the advance placement of soaker hoses for the first time had something to do with it. God does have a sense of humor.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Jasmine looks like Ike the other day when he escaped the backyard and ran through the creek...after 3 of us spent an hour grooming him in preparation for the upcoming 4-H dog show. But the Pyrs seem to clean themselves up pretty well.

Jean said...

Oh my, utterly priceless photo of Jasmine! I had to go back and make sure her mouth wasn't actually turned down - dogs can't do that, can they? can they?

Ava said...

Howdy! Just checking in and wishing you a great weekend! I hope you stay safe and do something fun!!!!

What a great photo of the dog! We got some rain too, but not too much. We're hoping for some more.

robin andrea said...

Dry as a bone here in the pacific northwest. Yesterday's temps in the high 90s. Your rain looks delightful, even if Jasmine looks a bit forlorn.

meresy_g said...

I smell wet dog from here. But she looks so happy. Glad you are becoming rehydrated!

cyndy said...

I was thinking the same thing as Meresy LOL! Ya smell one wet dog, ya smelled um all!

Glad you got some of that much needed rain ;-)

Rurality said...

Thanks everybody. Jasmine is not too fond of rain (and even less fond of thunder), but she loves the mud afterwards.

Pete, ours was like that too til just recently. Hope you get some.

Woody, next year we've got those planned, so maybe it will rain all spring. :)

Kelli it's amazing how much dirt just seems to fall off of them. But we are almost at the point of shaving her! She does not want her hind end brushed, and it's getting matted.

Jean, I think you're right. I may be biased though. :)

Thanks Ava, she can be ornery but she's fun.

RA, yep she does NOT like being wet. So why she stands out in the rain, I have no idea.

Meredith & Cyndy, in this case it's a very good thing smelloblog has not been perfected yet. :)

Anonymous said...

That picture is priceless! What a cutie (smelly or not)

KFarmer said...

Jasmine has the same expression that my Dog gets when she gets caught in the rainh- too funny. Mine does not have sense enought to get out of it though- like in the car port or shop and will sit by the back door with her nose pointed at the door knob...yes, I let her in. That's why my house smells so good most of the time.. lol :)

Matt said...

Yup, I've seen that wet dog look all too often....and let's not even mention the wet dog smell :-)