Friday, April 04, 2008

Double Dog Dare

Double Dogwood, Cornus florida.

The owner didn't know the specific variety name, but said that it came from Hanna's in Birmingham.


The Circus of the Spineless is up!

And don't forget the Friday Ark.


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robin andrea said...

That definitely says spring in the prettiest way.

Rurality said...

It was strange to have the dogwoods blooming after Easter this year! (But I think I read that it was the earliest Easter in 95 years.)

I really liked this double-flowered one. I'd never seen one before.

J Milton said...

That variety is Cornus florida 'Plena.' Double flower! Makes me think of that Wrigley's commercial.

You may also be interested in more information about the Flowering Dogwood here.

This flowering season is one of the longest in Atlanta that I can remember.

Rurality said...

Thanks very much for the name! It's a beautiful tree. Apparently it's not very common in nurseries in this area.

KFarmer said...

Oh my! I've never seen a double Dogwood. Now how pretty was that? Very :)