Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why We Buy (George money)

My new favorite t-shirt.

It's wrinkled, because I had to dig into the dirty clothes for it. I guess I should be ashamed of such a slipshod photo, but I couldn't convince myself to iron a dirty shirt.

One of these days I suppose I ought to start acting my age. I imagine even now, people point and whisper behind my back. Since my hearing's not what it once was, I just don't notice it.

Will I still be wearing zombie t-shirts when I'm 60? I don't know, maybe. I don't have any children to embarrass, so it's likely.

One of my friends calls the upcoming US tax rebate her George money. We plan to be good citizens and help the economy, by spending our George money instead of saving it. (Uh-huh.)

I started a little early. I've bought this zombie shirt and pre-ordered the new Charlaine Harris book. I'm already listening to my new REM CD. (I slipped up and bought a Teddy Thompson CD too, before I realized that he's British. To be a solid citizen, I should concentrate on US products only I guess.)

I also ordered this Zebra/UPC t-shirt but haven't received it yet.

I plan on buying a coffee press.

I want Annie to throw me a few bowls (if she ever gets around to pottery again).

Mmm, what else?

I've been meaning to read This Republic of Suffering and Peter Sagal's book. I want all of Elizabeth Dewberry's books. (Ack! Elizabeth Dewberry, you are brilliant, but you really need a website.)

When I told my husband I might spend all my George money on books and CDs, he thought I was kidding, and laughed.

What are you doing with your George money?


The shirt is all Twinks' fault, by the way. I'd never have know about shirt.woot if I hadn't read about her Nessie shirt. I have a feeling I'll be spending lots of money there in the future.


Anonymous said...

shirt.woot is so much fun - you can even get some of the "old" designs (for an extra $5) here:

We haven't decided what to spend our George Money on yet... But Twinks would like to make a serious dent in shirt.woot's back catalog!

robin andrea said...

Great tee-shirt! I don't know what we'll be spending our George money on, but I do know I'll be calling it George money from now on.

Faith said...

We're not spending our George money -- it's going straight into the bank. Oh yeah! We're totally sticking it to the man!

edifice rex said...

I'm buying exterior siding and trim for my house! YEA!! And yeah, I'll throw you some bowls, be glad to. I need to make karl's coffee mug too. Fred is taking a trip next week to North Carolina by car and is going to bring me back 200-300 lbs. of clay. Shipping is so expensive from there now I have put off ordering any but this will be a great help.

Rose Connors said...

My George money is going for a loft bed for the spare room. There should be enough left to get some Vietnamese and Mediterranean food after.

DeeMom said...

“One of these days I suppose I ought to start acting my age. I imagine even now, people point and whisper behind my back. Since my hearing's not what it once was, I just don't notice it. “

Good one and I relate, heck fire what is age anyway…just becoming a Mature Wine…?

HA the Mature brothers/Sisters?
Love the post… and your humor
WHEN I SEE THE $ I shall believe

Floridacracker said...

George money?
Clever ... makes me glad this was the president's idea and not the vice president's ...

nina said...

I gave my husband a french press for Christmas last year.
We're loving it!!
What a difference it makes--and wonderfully rich coffee.

No plans for our $ yet--maybe we'll put it toward our vacation?

Rurality said...

Thimbelle, yeah I love it! Even with the extra $5 it is such a bargain, since they include shipping in the price. And it's a good quality shirt.

Robin, isn't that a great name! :)

Faith, nooooo! You must help the economy! Buy buy buy! :)

Annie, I bought a bowl at the MG conference that I really like the shape of. I'll have to show it to you and see what you think. (It's not blue!)

Rose, oh good idea, I think we should definitely help out a few restaurants too.

DM, I'm really feeling it in my back today... the age, I mean.

FC, yow! That would hurt. :)

Nina, I kept hearing about them but I wanted one that would make just one cup and it took until now to find one. I can't wait to try it.

Faith said...

The one cup French press is hard to come by. I had to order mine online. One caveat: every French press I've had tends to break easily. The 8 cup versions are more readily available and therefore easier to replace, so take care of your little French press and enjoy it while you can.

I have the 8 cup version at home and it's the only coffee maker I own (and I drink coffee every day). The only drawback to the French press is that clean up is slightly more cumbersome than just pulling out a filter full of coffee grounds, but it's only a minor inconvenience and one I can live with in exchange for excellent coffee taste. I love the full-bodied flavor you get with a French press cup.

Eric J Terry said...

Howdy! Eric here from Linty Fresh. Thanks for the link! Your tee will be in the mail as soon as I get back in to Atlanta!

Phillip said...

I paid off a credit card bill with mine!

Randy and Jamie said...

Ummm... we will be replacing the insurance money that was supposed to pay for vinyl siding repairs, it’s currently growing in our back yard. *oops!*

Rhodent said...

Lets hope you are still wearing zombies t-shirts when you are 80!!!

Pamela said...

downpayment on my sinus lift and new tooth.

Maktaaq said...

I totally approve of the zombie shirt. In fact, if I had George dollars coming to me, I would use it on zombie shirts and restaurants.

Rurality said...

Faith, thanks for the warning... I do tend to muscle my appliances so I'll try to be careful. :)

Eric, no rush! I love that design and I'm happy to share it here.

Phillip, I hope that the bill contained at least a few non-essential, fun items!

R & J, ha! OK you're off the hook. :)

Rho, hi! Long time no hear from! Yeah I'll probably be that strange old lady that everyone avoids...

Pamela, well that doesn't sound like much fun. But those things are expensive so I guess the George money came in handy.

Maktaaq, I thought you might like it. :)

Twinks said...

Yay!! Zombie shirt!!


Glad you enjoy it just as much as I do. ^_^

Much love,

KimS said...

Unbreakable everlasting French press: Bodum Columbia. Their littlest size would probably be a perfect one-mug serving. (I have the "8 cup/48oz", and it makes about 3 mugs of coffee max.)

I hope to spend our George money on painting our 1916 house, which is in dire need of a new coat.

Anonymous said...

Some of my George Money is going to the Obama campaign. I can't think of a better irony than to see GW supporting Obama, no matter how indirect.

Rurality said...

Twinks, I can't stop checking it every day now. All your fault! ;)

Kims, well it's already shipped at this point but I will keep that in mind in case I break it. (Knock wood!)

Anonymous, ironic touche! I have a policy of not giving money to politicians though, especially ones who have a lot more than I do to start with. :)

Anonymous said...

Spending my George money on labor from local self-employed craftsmen and "stuff" that is produced locally.

lisa said...

George is helping me pay back money I already spent! :( LOVE the t-shirt, I hope you wear stuff like that way past 60! (I sure will!) Here's another site you may enjoy: T-Shirt Hell, "Where all the bad shirts go." A lot of them are pretty raunchy, but quite funny, IMO.