Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fire Pink

Shady masochist.

Don't wanna be rich.

Looooove it when you treat him bad.


Fire Pink, Silene virginica. (Map.)

"Pink" refers to the zigzag pattern, as if the petals were cut with pinking shears.

Here it flourishes in the driest, rockiest areas. The previous owner laid down a narrow chert road through the woods. Fire Pink popped up along the edges and multiplies every year, fashioning its own version of a red carpet.


roosterhen said...

How pretty! Do hummingbirds visit them a lot? How about satyrs?

Rurality said...

According to the internet, they do attract hummingbirds. (The fire pinks are not close to the house so I don't see them that often.)

Now, satyrs, the butterflies, I don't know. If you're asking about mythological satyrs (linked to Silenus, namesake of fire pink), well I haven't seen any around lately. :)

lisa said...

Beautiful! I have seeds for this, thank you for the cultural info! (I'm sure it's on the seed packet too, but "live advice" is always better. :)

Kerri said...

Oh, what a beautiful flower!

Rurality said...

Lisa, yeah I have a feeling you could kill this one if you pampered it too much.

Kerri, they're great, aren't they? I love seeing them in the woods this time of year.