Sunday, December 14, 2008

Covered Bridge Festival

I was a lot more impressed with this costume before I learned that they sell them at pet stores. (I'd thought that the impatient lady at the other end of the leash had made it herself.) Still, it was cute, if you like clothes on dogs. He didn't seem to mind much.

The "Covered Bridge Festival" is held in Oneonta (Blount county) every October. I'm only two months late in posting these pictures. On the bright side, if you're sorry you missed it and are eager to attend the next one, well, now it's only ten months away.

That's the main shopping street in downtown Oneonta. Annie's old store was just there on the other side of Regions bank, just beyond that inflatable green turret. It's Fred's store now - the Eureka shop. (Eureka as in "aha", not vacuums.) I think it's the best shop on the street, but of course Fred sells my handmade soap there, so I might be a little biased.

The next street over, there's an antique car show. People in Alabama seem to hold antique car shows at the drop of a hat. I suspect that antique car people just like to socialize with each other.

You can see a video of one of the bridges, and a bit of the festival, and a cute kid, here. Not my video - it's from Thicket magazine, a very good new(ish) magazine about Alabama.

Another article about the festival is here. It includes photos of all the remaining Blount county covered bridges, as well as my friend Barbara (whose name people always spell incorrectly).

There were previously four covered bridges here, but one burned down. I should say, one was burned down. That's the scuttlebutt anyway: Ne'er-do-wells partying near the bridge were reported and forced to leave. The bridge suspiciously burned down shortly thereafter.

I'm not sure why the article refers to an "accident" that closed a bridge temporarily last year. According to the newspaper, there were deliberate, heavy-duty, meant-to-destroy acts of vandalism on two of the bridges. I'm not sure if rural areas have more than their share of misbegotten miscreants, or if the teenagers here are just really, really bored.


pablo said...

"misbegotten miscreants" I'll have to remember that one for when all the kids are here for the holiday.

Ericka said...

my grandmother LOVES covered bridges - there were lots of roadtrips when i was a kid to visit different ones. ashtabula, ohio still has scads of them - including one that is now a pizza shop.

i'm sorry yours are apparently endangered.

also, you should totally try the cookies - they end up being almost like little spice cakes. REALLY yummy!

Rurality said...

Pablo, I've been a-hankerin' to use "misbegotten" for a while now, and was glad I thought of it here. I say miscreant more often than most people, probably. :)

Erika, I'm not a huge fan of them but I hate to think of idiots destroying them deliberately. I think I will try making your cookies, they sound really different.

karl said...

those dubious dastards;)

Rurality said...

Karl, yeah, it was dastardly, for sure!

C.S. said...

Cute miniature pinscher in the outfit! I have a min-pin, but without clipped ears/tail; however mine (Rambo) has the exact coloring of the one in the photo. He hates wearing outfits, by the way.

We have a couple old covered bridges here (bordering county north of yours) and one is located near the site of an historic Civil War battle. Love 'em, and hope to one day see the tour in your county.

lisa said...

I like covered bridges! There were some in Indiana near where I grew up, and we had festivals, too. Hearing of the vandalism causes me melancholy...maladjusted, mischievious marauding misfits, anyway! :)