Wednesday, December 17, 2008


What are the odds?

In Georgia last month, I visited some relatives and searched through photos for ancestors. I came across this instead.

A pint-sized Valentine!

Like Braveheart, but with a cow.


Ang mentioned in comments that heart patterns on livestock aren't completely uncommon. So I did a little searching and found these online:

British piglet, also named Valentine, beyond cute.

Japanese chihuahua, named Heart-kun, exceedingly adorable.

Cat and another cat (not quite as well-defined, still charming).


Updated again:

Check out Northview Diary's cow, Mandy, who has a cute little white heart on her side.


Pam Croom said...

How remarkable! I wonder if the cows share a common ancestor? The mark is pretty much the same just flipped. I really know nothing about bovine marking genetics, it might be coincidence, but it is entertaining to think you found somebody's kin in those photos! Perhaps your genetically predisposed to be attracted to cows with heart shaped marks!

Ahhhhh...the mystery of kinship!

robin andrea said...

That is incredibly cool, karen. I don't know why, but those two photos just made my day. Thank you.

Floridacracker said...

Sara strikes again.
I love it when she visits.

Rurality said...

Pam, I probably should have made the picture a little bigger so you could tell better... but I think the first one is a goat, so they're probably not related!

RA, thanks, I couldn't believe it when I found that old black & white photo. It was in one of my mother's cousins' Mom's old pictures, and nobody knew who the soldier was or where it was taken, unfortunately.

FC, yeah me too. (Took me a minute to get that!)

Pam Croom said...

Duh-dope slap...serendipigoat! Ok I get it now!

Thanks, for visiting my blog

Pablo said...

FC seems to have a sense with words that escapes us mere mortals. Of course, he has been around longer than I have.

Nice photos.

Ang. said...

Hearts on livestock isn't completely uncommon. I have seen quite a few pictures and animals IRL with hearts. Its pretty cool.

mountainmelody said...

! impressive!

Amy W said...

I just HAD to stop by and make a comment: how cool!!!! I had no idea this was a "common" thing - seems pretty UNcommon to me!

lisa said...

That's one amazing coincidence!

threecollie said...

Our Mandy cow has a small but nice one on her shoulder. I'll post it.