Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What the storm hath wrought

We could have used all this rain last spring or summer, but it's still welcome.

Even if last week's storms are going to cause a little extra work. I wish I'd put something in there for scale - this tree was huge. I had to hop up on it to get over.

This ex-Sycamore was definitely dead already.

I think the fish and ducks and flittery little birds would like this a lot, but hubby thinks it needs removing.

Collateral damage... I wish it hadn't taken two live trees with it.

It's amazing how fiercely the Sycamore balls still cling, this time of year.

Except for this one.

Flocks of Cedar Waxwings celebrated the rain. (Click to enlarge.)


fletch said...

Very nice. Cedar waxwings seem to enjoy all kinds of weather, often intoxicated.

robin andrea said...

That must have been quite a storm. I like the idea of leaving one down for critter habitat.

I haven't seen a Cedar Waxwing since we returned to California. Last year, when we spent the winter here, I saw a large flock of them in the neighborhood on a tree filled with berries. I'll have to go look to see if they're around. Such pretty birds.

Yolanda said...

These shots remind of home. I grew up in northeast MS. I hope you stay warm and get no ice storms.

lime said...

wow, that is some huge (former) tree. the log does provide habitat indeed. if it's in a path maybe you could just move it rather than completely remove it.

the sycamore ball is such a lovely looking thing.

Pam Croom said...

I'm with robin leave the tree! Since it is not a pine there is no concern over pine borers-go for it. All sorts of critters will use it. You could put your critter cam on it! I've been researching and posting about shrews on my blog. I haven't posted on their nesting yet, but they like to nest under stumps and logs. They are voracious eaters and eat a lot of pests. The rotting log, over time, would provide food to many animals looking for grubs in its-birds and mammals alike. You've got such a clean camera shot of it too!

Isn't the rain great! Our little lake is full for the first time in four years!

threecollie said...

Sorry your lost the live trees....

The Country Experience said...

Good pictures. You are right about the rain--it would have been nice to have gotten it last year, but rain now is better than rain never. If the otters haven't eaten all of your fish I'll bet the fish are enjoying the rejuvenated depths.

Floridacracker said...

I love those waxwings, but miss them. Last year nobody ate the holly berries.

You keep'n em all?

Ericka said...

don't they call trees like that in the woods 'nurse trees' 'cause so many other things live on/around them after they've fallen? maybe just in the rain forests. hmm.

you could do like the parks do and just cut out the middle of tree that is over the path, although as large as it is, that may be a bit of a challenge.

yay for cedar waxwings! such pretty birds.

mountainmelody said...

Wow! I had a limb fall, but not a whole tree. The weather radio going off all night long annoyed me more.

pablo said...

Will we get to see the "after" pictures of that road? (Or did we?)

Susan Gets Native said...

Leave. Dead Tree. Where. It. Is.

Dead tree = lots of life.
My two cents.
(can't help it....goes with the blog title)

: )