Thursday, February 02, 2006

Da birdz

This rather handsome fellow is called Big Red. I never in a million years would have purposely ordered a Rhode Island Red rooster, since they have a reputation for meanness and we already have enough of that.

We were supposed to just be fostering him and five RIR hens. But when we never got paid, we were stuck. (No good deed ever goes unpunished!) So far he's actually very sweet though.

Anyway, Big Red dropped in to tell you about Birdstock, the 16th edition of I and the Bird, that is hosted over at the Dharma Bums.

He also reminded me that I never posted a link to the last Circus of the Spineless. Sorry about that!


R.Powers said...

Does he live up to his rep?

Rhodent said...

He does look studly! What a handsome fellow!

Rurality said...

He's actually very sweet. He used to eat out of my hand but has gotten a little skittish about that nowdays.

Rho - the hens think so too!

Dave said...

Thanks for the notice about Circus of the Spineless. They never updated their coordinating blog, so i figured it had folded.