Monday, February 20, 2006

Ducks with short memories

Despite my euphoria last year when the ducks took a dip in the pond, they didn't make it a regular practice. I eventually resigned myself to the fact that they'd never be pond ducks.

It was so dry over the fall that the spring feeding the ditch dried up. Once it started raining, water flowed there again, but the ducks ignored it in favor of their kiddie pool.

At first we just tried driving them into the ditch. "Hey, remember this? You loved it last year!" Even though their feet were wet, I guess they were too scared to realize where they were.

We applied weed-eating and subtle pressure. We moved their food closer and closer to the ditch. Then one day they remembered, or maybe just rediscovered, how much they liked it there.

Happy duck

You've heard that phrase about water and a duck's back...?

One day last spring we saw them wandering towards the far side of the pond. "What in the world are they doing over there?" we wondered, but didn't think much about it. That night they came back to the pen with one less duck in tow... So we're down to seven ducks now. They may forget the ditch, but so far they've never forgotten that there are coyotes beyond the yard.


Rachel said...

They are so cute!

R.Powers said...

Ducks are doubt about it. That greenish black one is stunning.

We built a raft in our pond for our first flock of white (that's good camo) pekins when we first moved here. They must have been very tasty because they quickly vanished.

robin andrea said...

Those are very pretty ducks. I definitely can understand why they are a bit shy about being out there. I've seen your pictures of coyotes and bobcats. Those ducks know the score.

Anonymous said...

Nice ducks, so different from the ones we have here. It's always so interesting to see the differences.

I guess the first, white duck, must be Donald Duck ;-)

You've got me on the second one though....

Anonymous said...

how nice it must be. a life with ducks in it :)

Lucky-1 said...

I just love the 2 photos of the ducks.