Thursday, February 16, 2006

Scaredy deer

I guess I'd be nervous too, if I had to live out in the open with all those coyotes and bobcats roaming around.


Whoa! Go look at the bobcat pictures over at the Dharma Bums blog. Daytime, in-person, bobcat pictures. Our game-cam is soooo jealous.


Anonymous said...

It would be nervewracking, I'd think, to worry about being someone else's dinner all the time.

KFarmer said...

I bet he/she smells them (bob cats)or perhaps has heard the crack of a rifle near a food pile before. I guess it could be pretty dangerous being a deer in Alabama. It sure is in Georgia.

Ericka said...

it's a ruse. the long-legged rats will rule the world one day, just wait!

congrats, btw, on getting your master gardener certification, and for the blog-book. yay, you!

R.Powers said...

She's thinking, "Dang it, that coyote peed on the bait again"

robin andrea said...

Our neighbor told us that he watched a couple of coyotes take down a deer the other day. I would have never guessed that coyotes could bring down such big prey. So this doe is probably right to be a scaredy deer.

Thanks for the link to our bobcat photos. We were blown away by the opportunity this little cat gave us.

Rachel said...

She is being cautious, which is good.

Thanks for the link to see the Bobcat. He is such a handsome one!