Friday, July 11, 2008


We planted the garden pretty late.

long skinny vegetables

So all we're getting now, in the way of vegetables, are long, skinny things.

Japanese Eggplant, Zephyr Squash, Cucumbers

Japanese Eggplant, Zephyr Squash, Cucumbers. No tomatoes yet.

embarraassing amount of cucumbers

The little cucumber that could. We bought what turned out to be an amazingly good plant, I think from the local Ace Hardware. Never bitter, despite my horribly uneven watering. And really, really prolific! This amount is from one day. (One plant.) I see cucumber-pushing in my future.


Don't forget the Friday Ark.


Unknown said...

Love those Zephyr squash! We didn't plant any of those this year. That cucmber haul is fantastic! Whatcha gonna do with 'em all (besides pushing 'em)?;)

NCmountainwoman said...

I actually prefer the long skinny veggies. Great for grilling.

Dani said...

I gotta get some seeds of that Zephyr squash. They are so cool looking!

Katie B said...

So, after you eat cucumber until you think you're going to pop . . . make Cucumber Soap!!! :)

Gail said...

These vegetables look like the expensive ones they sell in the local produce market! I bet they are delicious! I love cukes. NPR ...Science Friday (Talk Of The Nation) had two vegetable garden folks on talking about how many people are tired of high prices and have begun gardens! It's very exciting.

egassner said...

I see pickles in the future! Looks good! :D

Anonymous said...

Just like zuccini, there is no such thing as just 1 cucumber.


lisa said...

Well those long, skinny things are really tender and yummy, I bet! (Okay, there are actually a whole lot of excellent, juvenille jokes here, but I won't. I sure could, but I won't ;-) Anyhow, there are some very easy and excellent pickle recipies out there, and some aren't all that time-consuming....I'm just sayin' ;-)

Rurality said...

Grace, yeah I love the Zephyrs too. We just had some seed left over from last year. I was surprised that we got anything out of it, to tell you the truth! Hubby wants to try making pickles.

NCMW, good idea, we'll have to try that!

Dani, they taste great too. Kind of a nutty flavor.

Katie, excellent idea! I've never tried that before!

Gail, they would have to cost more I guess, because the skin seems more tender than the regular varieties. They're good though! We like the Japanese eggplant because it doesn't seem to get bitter like the others can.

EGassner, yeah I think so!

Ignatz, yep, I am realizing that... just didn't think that would be the case with only one plant. :)

Lisa, no jokes! :) Let me know if you have a good pickle recipe!

KFarmer said...

Better some than none. I'm about tired of making pickles though.. lol :)

The rain keeps edging around us as well. I don't get it. We may get 1/8 of an inch while four miles down the road, 2". Not fair I say, not fair! But whatta gonna do? :)

Anonymous said...

"Cucumber Pushing"... love it. Reminds me of the story of the lady describing her bucolic small town...

"... and it's very safe, you only have to lock your doors in August."

Why August?

"Well if you don't people will leave you zucchini"

lisa said...

Okay, here's a microwave bread and butter pickle recipe, I haven't tried it, but the reviews are good and it sounds easy. I used and typed in "easy pickle recipe", and hundreds popped up. Happy pickling! :)

KFarmer said...

Mine finally bit the dust~ We are just like you. The rain goes around us and my garden is a dry as toast. I yanked up most of the old and have started planting peas. They can stand the heat and don't need much watering.