Saturday, July 12, 2008


I told people that I'd spent most of last week sticking my head out the window, yelling, "Inconceivable!" Storm after storm passed by, edging just to the north or just to the south.

How this line missed us, I have no idea. Storms here generally march from left to right, or rather, west to east. We are in the area outlined by the white box, yet once again, we didn't get a drop of rain. Inconceivable!


SantaBarbarian said...

We didn't get a spot of rain here, either. ICONCEIVABLE!

Although, it is really muggy, which is very unusual for us. Ash + Muggy = Not good breathing

mountainmelody said...

Really? It's poured down rain here! I guess we really ARE in a different climate zone!

Rurality said...

Jill, sorry it's taunting you too!

MM, yeah I think we are in some strange no-rain Twilight Zone. We did eventually get a few drops yesterday, but not enough to measure.

Unknown said...

Did you finally get some rain today? We've had several showers here, and the thunder is still rolling, but from what I can tell of the wonder map, it looked like the rain might have been just south of you again.

Gail said...

Very frustrating it is...we were like that for weeks but have had rain in Nashville this weekend. It will be wonderful when it arrives!


Omelay said...

You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means.

--Inigo Montoya

Rurality said...

Grace, yes we did finally get some rain Sunday evening, about 1/8 inch maybe. It didn't last long. Better than nothing though!

Gail, the garden will appreciate it for sure.

Karl, I wondered if anyone would say that. :)

Phillip Oliver said...

Honey, join the group! I'm so mad here I can't see straight. Every time it rains around here, it is either to the south or north of us. Colbert County, right across the river to the south, gets it all. Once it reaches the river, it either stalls or diminishes. Aaarrgghh!!!

Susan Gets Native said...

Karl totally stole my line.

Now I have nothing to say.

: )

lisa said...

I just HATE that! It's been a decent season for rain here, except the past couple weeks. So I water no matter what the forecast is, because for sure if I DON'T, there will be NO rain. Guess it's time to plan a picnic or wash my car in order to inspire a storm!

Dana said...

I hear this all the time from my parents in Warrior. B'ham or any surrounding cities will be hit with rain and the farm gets nada.

Here's hoping you get some rain soon!

BTW, I was missing some of your kudzu soap the other day. I think it is time to buy some more. ;)