Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pre-teen spirit

My cutie-pie niece, in the shirt she's not allowed to wear to school any more.

I can't remember if she was actually sent home, or just asked not to wear it again.


Anonymous said...

Whoops . . . I can understand why they did that but the truth is the truth . . . boys stink! :)

bobbie said...

I don't understand. I think the shirt is cute and don't see any reason why she shouldn't wear it. Schools these days go overboard with rules and regulations - Like the child who hugged another. Hugs are good too.

Mississippi Nature said...

All boys are bad! I should know I am one.

NCmountainwoman said...

It's a cute shirt, but not appropriate for school. Great for all other occasions, but not for school. The kids have enough distractions already. Reading and interpreting tee shirts shouldn't add to them.

Really cute kid.

Kim said...

She's adorable, and the design of the shirt is super cute, but I think that that sort of "boys suck" paraphanalia is really destructive.

If a boy (young or teenager) wore a t-shirt that said "women are stupid" or "girls suck" or "gals are worthless", we'd be extremely offended, and rightly so.

I think it's only fair to extend the same standard to the opposite sex. And people tend to meet the expectations set for them-- I think this little "fad" in our culture is setting some very low expectations for young men.

(Sorry to be so heavy. This is one of my little soapboxes.)

Rurality said...

Oh dear, didn't really mean to start a heavy conversation.

I was just thinking about how different it was when I was in grammar school, and girls had to wear skirts or dresses all the time. I remember how excited we were when they invented what they called culottes. (Divided skirts) :)

We would not ave been allowed to wear t-shirts of any kind back in those days!

Boys had to have their hair cut short too, there were all kinds of other rules that I imagine aren't around nowdays. Even when we could first wear pant, we couldn't wear blue jeans, etc.

Kim S, I agree in a way, but then again if a 10-year-old boy wore a shirt that said something more along the lines of "Girls are icky" I don't think I'd be offfended. That would be - as I think this shirt is - more playing on that old idea that as young children, the idea of liking the opposite sex is terribly, well, icky! Of course that changes all too soon as they grow up. :)

R.Powers said...

Her age and that cutesie design make it seem pretty harmless to me.

I see much worse believe me, at our middle school.
I still have the "Danger Hot Surface" t-shirt my eldest thought she was going to wear when she was a budding 13 year old.
I'm saving it until she has kids ...

threecollie said...

I'm with FC on this one...there are bigger things to worry about in school than a shirt like that. I thought it was cute

lisa said...

I think it's a cute shirt too, and if I'd had a girl, I'd LOVE to keep her feeling that way for as long as possible. But I understand the other comments too, and I think school uniforms are the way to go overall. The less choice they have with what to wear, the fewer distractions for them and the teachers. (Heh, then the kids can fight over "whose white shirt cost more", which is just too lame for them to bother with...hopefully.)