Monday, July 14, 2008

More Zinnias

A mixture of Persian Carpet and
Old Mexico Zinnias (Zinnia haageana).

The catalog says that these make good cut flowers. And they do... but you'd better have a short vase. Most of the stems are only 3 - 4 inches long (8 - 10 cm).

I like these two types together. I had both last year, but made the mistake of planting them too close to something taller. They ended up in the shade half the day, and didn't produce well.

The catalog says 2" flowers (5 cm) and 2' plants (61 cm), but so far mine are about half of that.


NCmountainwoman said...

I love zinnias. They are usually easy to grow and very versatile. We used to grow "State Fair" zinnias every year and just loved them.

Yours are lovely and there are quite a few short vases around so you can show them off.

Patsy said...

My Zinnias are lovely this year too. I had more white then ever and they added much to the arrangements.

Gail said...

Lovely bouquet! Zinnias are getting to be some of my favorite plants for cut flowers...but I haven't had success in getting them to grow in the garden...should I seed in the fall as if the plants had gone to seed?

Anonymous said...

I looked for a long time trying to figure out how you were holding those flowers in your hand. I figured it out.

MamaHen said...

I started to order some of the Persian Carpet! Maybe for next year. I have several clumps of zinnias going now; some big, some small, all pretty.

Rurality said...

NCMW, I have them too! I tried all the types I could get my hands on. The ones that are supposed to make good cut flowers, anyway.

B&P, I have just a few white ones, in the Benary's Giant mix. I like them a lot too.

Gail, I have only planted in the spring. We try to water if it doesn't rain during the germination period, but other than that, nothing special... they are in a pretty well-drained area. I believe every one of them said to plant at 1/4" depth too.

Pablo, heh. I love that vase! It's a good fit for those small Zinnias... it won't hold the bigger ones since the stems are so big.

Annie, don't order them! I have extras! :)

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Nice photo! The colr just jumps put against the white.
What a happy flower to greet you in your garden!
I must try zinnias.

Tamar Orvell said...

You could photograph a pile of buffalo chips, and all that I'd see would be beauty, sheer beauty. Your eye, of course, is the critical factor here. For the rest of us, pray, what camera do you use? Which features were most important to you when you shopped for it? TIA (wannabe Rurality quality when my blog grows up).

Twinks. said...


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