Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I brought home something unintended from the craft show: a bad cold.

I usually swear by Cold-Eeze. They are magic! For me, they can fend off colds altogether, but you have to use them early.

It hadn't rained in Stone Mountain lately, and I naively assumed that the reason I had a stuffy nose was due to all the dust I'd inhaled over the course of four days spent outdoors.

Until my throat started hurting and I got a fever. I really should have known better, especially considering that the same thing happened to me last year.

So since I feel too crummy to go out and take pictures, here's one from a few weeks ago, of some of the eggs from our chickens. I love it when we get speckled ones! Yesterday there was a decidedly beige one too.

I haven't slept well in several nights, but I did have a good dream... I dreamed that a lady came to the craft show and bought ALL the soap. I woke up and thought how great that would be. Then I fell back asleep and had the same dream again, except this time it was Stephen Duffy who bought all the soap. Cool.

Hubby has the same cold, only without the fever. As far as I know, he hasn't dreamed about any pop stars though.


pablo said...

Point of Logic: How can you know that the medicine has fended off a cold entirely? How can you know that it worked in preventing a specific cold and not that you simply didn't contract a cold?

Love those eggs. Sorry you're feeling down. September has not been a good month for you so far.

Jean said...

The eggs are just beautiful. Take care of yourselves. Take some echinacea, it really really works, even once the cold has taken hold. And more nice dreams

Rainypete said...

Mmmmmm fresh eggs.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Those egg colors are so soft and pastel. Really pretty.
I sure hope you start to feel better soon. Lots of rest, juice, and good dreams should do the trick.

yllstonewolf said...

those eggs are just plain beautiful! just looking at them would make me happy! hope you soon feel good as new, dear.

TheTwinkie said...

Hi! I saw that Art Lad had a link to you so I stopped by.

I love your blog and the pictures you take! :)
I hope you feel better soon!


PS - I really like those eggs!

KFarmer said...

chicken soup, chicken soup, chicken soup.. get better soon.

Beautiful picture of the eggs. Did the Easter Bunny leave them? : ) So pretty.

Floridacracker said...

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. The spices will clear your head and flush the offending germs out. If that doesn't work, at least it really tastes good.

1994 Southern Living annual 20.

Floridacracker said...

Oh, and drink plenty of Florida orange juice.

shannon said...

That picture is exactly why I ordered white egg layers - it makes the green and brown ones look even better!!!! Feel better!

Rurality said...

Pablo, I know what you mean! I can't ever know for sure. But if I start taking Cold-Eeze at the first sign of a scratchy throat, I don't ever get a cold. I just have the sore throat for a day and then it goes away. It might have been something else - there's really no way to tell. But I figure it doesn't hurt to take the Cold-Eeze anyway. Except that it makes everything taste bad.

Thanks for all the suggestions y'all.

Oh Shannon we lost one of our leghorns, after a long spell of no chicken disappearances. So now there's only one left! :(

cookie jill said...

ColdEese is wonderful.

I also suggest Airborne.

edina monsoon said...

this is a REALLY nice picture. I had to scroll upwards and stare for a bit.

NewhampshireMan12 said...
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