Friday, September 30, 2005

Me me meme again

Nuthatch over at Bootstrap Analysis wanted me to do this little questionnaire meme. I did, but couldn't resist getting all smarty-pants about it in parts.

10 years ago.
I lived by myself in Birmingham, and worked as an electrical engineer at BellSouth. I was growing to dislike the corporate environment more every day.

5 years ago.
I lived in the same house, only now I'd married my hubby and gotten two step-cats in the bargain. I'd quit my job and started a little handmade soap business. Hubby and I had more hobbies than most. One thing we liked to do was to look at land.

1 year ago.
We had bought some of the land we'd been looking at. (Well that's one less hobby to worry about anyway.) We'd moved here to the country and started our critter menagerie in earnest. The soap business got its own workshop.

Spent most of the day online, shopping for (and ordering) new things to go into new gift baskets I'm planning for the fall. Got a sore back from sitting down too long. Wanted to look around the yard for more birds, but did some cooking instead. (I'd waited, but those veggies from the farmer's market just didn't want to prepare themselves!)

5 songs I know all the words to:
Eastern Meadowlark
babbling brook
wind in the leaves
dog day cicada
spring peepers

5 snacks:

5 things I’d do with $100 million:
Besides the obvious (give some to charity, give some to family):
Start the Karen Museum of Modern Art (KMOMA). Mostly buy works from as-yet unfamous artists that I like. Scour the country to do so.
Buy up all the surrounding neighbors' property, and put up lots of fencing to keep coyotes and trash-dumpers out.
Buy up a bunch of property where we like to watch birds, so it wouldn't get developed.
Become a patron for local musicians or artists I liked (The Karen Endowment for the Arts).
Follow the Formula One racing circuit for a year.

5 places I’d run away to:
I'd really rather stay.

5 things I’d never wear:
Never say never.

5 favorite TV shows:
Documentaries are really my favorites, but as for recurring shows, we currently like House, Rome, Monk, Southpark, and anything with "Law and Order" in the title. We loved "Six Feet Under". We also like "Huff" but series that make five episodes and then take two years off are getting on my last nerve. I'm exaggerating, but only slightly.

5 greatest joys:
I don't want to jinx them!

5 favorite toys:
The portable dna analyzer.
The machine that stops time.
The levitator.
The cloak of invisibility.
The jetpack.


Anonymous said...
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pablo said...


Rurality said...

Yeah, a blue-tailed skink brought it to me. :) (As long as I was imagining that I had $100 million, I thought I'd imagine a few nice toys too.)

pablo said...

There really ARE such things as blue tailed skinks, by the way.

megabethcom said...

I am reading a book by Po Bronson called "What should I do with my life?" He interviews a lot of people who either changed careers mid-life or desired to change careers but never got up the courage to do it. I fit in the second category. I can't get comfortable with the idea that I either (1) may not have any money or (2) may not be able to retire if I left the corporate world. I guess financial security means so much to me that I have to be corporate for for the next 25 years. Ugh.

Clare said...

Man, what Toy Shop do you go to. I've GOT to get me some of those (well except for the DNA analyzer, anybody that wants one can just go on Maury or one of the other "My husband cheats on me so much I'm not sure this last child is his" Talk Shows.

TroutGrrrl said...

My my my. You ARE a smarty pants! I enjoy your smarty-pants-ness though.

Nuthatch said...

Excellent! Your smarty-pants answer to songs was right on. I wish I could just get the song of the Winter Wren to replace any of my ear worms. Anyway, I find inspiration in your story. My husband and I would like to buy some land and I'd like to write full time. Maybe some day.

Rurality said...

Pablo - yeah but they don't surf!

SM, I never in a million years thought I'd do it. The $$ they paid me to leave (separation incentive) helped a lot in the decision, and the fact that they paid my insurance for 3 years.

Clare the DNA thing is for identifying plants and critters in the field. It needs to have descriptions and facts like a field guide as well.

Troutgrrrl I am SUCH a smartypants. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. But I usually just can't resist.

Nuthatch, the winter wren has one of my favorite songs! I haven't heard one in a while though. The Eastern Meadowlark song is so relaxing to me. It's like therapy. I've heard them at our place, but they really like the neighbors' better.