Monday, September 26, 2005

County Fair, part 2

I wish our county fair had 4H animal exhibits - I have no idea why not. But there are contests for several foodstuffs, agricultural products, and handicrafts.

A row of prize-winning jellies.

A spotted watermelon.

Apples. The judges seem to like the stems left on.

Apple gourds.

Little white pumpkins.

The best honey with comb.

Lots of beautiful quilts.

This one won 3rd place, but was actually my favorite.

That looks like a lot of work.

I loved this little container in the plants section.

Friday night entertainment.

If aliens really turn out to look like this, we're going to be so embarrassed.


Anonymous said...
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Lorianne said...

Woo-hoo! I love fair pictures! The quilts/needlecraft are lovely! (and ya gotta love green & purple aliens!)

Rurality said...

There were really some questionable handicrafts but I didn't want to make fun of anybody so I didn't take pics of those. Some of them looked like they might have been made 30 or 40 years ago! But the quilts were so pretty - a lot of good quilters in this area.

There is also a photography section. In some previous years the judging has been extremely questionable... winners were faraway pics of cute puppies, out-of-focus butterflies, etc. But this year it was spot-on, and there were a LOT of nice entries. I felt a little funny taking pictures of photos or 2D art though.

Floridacracker said...

Sounds like a nice fair, but I would miss the animals too. I hope Rita remains didn't cause any flooding in your area.

Colleen said...

WOW!!! I really like the food contests. The Apple gourds and white pumpkins really caught my fancy.

I'm such a city slicker. I've never been to a county fair. Maybe next time there's one reasonably close (they're usually 1+ hour's worth of a drive to reach a county fair) I'll go.

Thanks for sharing.

pablo said...

You really have a good eye for what to photograph. I tell everyone yours is the "queen of all blogs" and it really is.

I haven't been to a county fair in decades, and I really should go back. Such honest fun!

Rurality said...

FC, no flooding, just tornadoes. And some rain, that we really needed!

Colleen, I wish I had the job of taste-testing the baked goods. :)

Thanks Pablo! My husband still refuses to address me as "your highness" though.

The fair does have a horse show and a cattle exhibition attached, but they're not the same as regular 4H exhibits that I've read about at other county fairs.

happyandblue2 said...

Those are great pictures.
If aliens looked like that it would be great. We could use them as glasses..

Jerry Halstead said...

I particularly like the looks like a sky full of stars (green night?).

Maktaaq said...

Martha Stewart once had that watermelon on her show - it's called the "moon and stars" melon.

Rurality said...

Yep I think that is the name for this watermelon. I'd never seen one before but I like it a lot.

H&B that just wouldn't be right!