Monday, September 19, 2005

Cats and dogs will shake their tails

George getting into trouble

Some outdoor time. What is that dog doing?

Just being friendly.


No rain since Katrina. It's dry, dry dry. One website says that ragweed "flourishes during dry hot spells which promote growth and pollen formation." I'm a believer.

The moon has been so bright that you could read by it. Moony phrases keep popping into my head. "The road was a ribbon of moonlight" and "by the light of the silvery moon" and so forth.


Niobium said...

We've had a dry summer up here although the last few days have been overcast with some rain and humid--Ophelia weather. We've not seen the moon at all.

Today the sky is blue for the first time in days, so hopefully I'll see the Mistress in her full glory.

Floridacracker said...

Cute pics! Especially Jasmine! We are dry too. Our pond has dropped for the first time all summer.

swamp4me said...

We've had no rainfall of any significance for over three weeks. It is very dry here.

The cats are all looking quite handsome these days. And George looked to be the picture of innocence...

LauraP said...

Now you've done it. I must now dig through boxes in search of that Loreena McKennett CD.

Love the pics.

artie said...

All I had to do was see your birthday photos to know we are exactly the same age. I think I had those same flowered pants.

I found a link to your blog on an Australian site that a friend writes on. It is an amazing place, this blog world.

Do you ever do the Kentuck show? I have friends that show there every year.

Rurality said...

Nio, just the opposite for us... it's been wet all summer until now.

FC same for our ponds. Last summer we filled them from the creek a few times, but there's been no need this time. I'm hoping it'll rain soon so we don't have to do it again... the creek is pretty low now too.

Swampy I thought you'd have gotten rain from Ophelia!

LauraP, I haven't heard it, but ran across that when I was looking for a link to the poem. Phil Ochs did the song too. I remember studying that poem in grammar school! Kind of heavy for that age huh?

DeltaDiva, I'd love to do Kentuck, but it's Fine Art & Craft only I'm afraid. I love to visit the show though!