Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Toronto Calling

My e-pal Stewart Reynolds has a dilemma. His band, Brittlestar (fantastic, by the way) wants to play the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

They have an opportunity, but the only catch is that it's on a Monday night (Nov 21st). And they need to be able to draw at least 50 people. (Which is 38 more than Sting played to, when The Police played their first Toronto show there, according to Stewart.)

I think I have a few readers in the Toronto area, so if you think you might be interested in going, let me know and I can pass along the info.

End of blog-o-mercial!


P.S. I saw The Police during the Synchronicity tour on 8 November 1983. They played a note so low that I felt it vibrating in my bones. I went to the concert with the man who is now my husband. (There were a few more than 12 people there.)

Brittlestar is now booked to play the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on Nov 21st at 9:30pm. Go see 'em!


happyandblue2 said...

I don't live in Toronto but it's only a 36 hour drive. Just how good are they..

Anvilcloud said...

I'm in the same province, but it's still hours away.

pablo said...

I went to a Led Zepplin concert once and my ears were ringing for days. I can't imagine doing that every night for a living.

Rita said...

I saw the Police in Atlanta circa 82/83 (it's all a haze at this point). Of all people, the Go-Go's opened for them. Talk about dichotomy.

Kathryn said...

the Synchronicity concert was my first "real" concert, and Peter Tosh, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Talking Heads opened for them. In a word, AWESOME!! and yes, there were slightly more than 12 people there as well (Olympic Stadium, Montreal)

and they should play the Horshoe, excellent venue, I'll tell my Toronto friends

Rainypete said...

Give me the info and I'll spread the word. I'm within an hour of there and have friends in Toronto.

The Horseshoe rocks.

Rurality said...

I can't remember who the support act was for The Police when I saw them.

Pablo, I know what you mean. I saw a few concerts from very close-up and wonder if actually affected my hearing nowdays!

It's officially on! Brittlestar will play the Horseshoe on Nov 21st. If anybody goes I want a full report! (Tell 'em Karen says "hi"!)

You can get a preview of the show by going to Brittlestar's web site and clicking on "Watch". There are some clips of one of their recent shows. You can also click "Listen" to hear some of their songs.

Trix said...

Okay - I'm a little late to this party but we are personally well-acquainted with the 'Shoe, and here's the scoop: Monday nights at the 'Shoe are traditionally for 'new' or 'out of town' bands that the management knows don't have a local crowd and so they give them the rib to try and drum up as much biz as possible, knowing the band has a lot of footwork to do in a strange city. Soooo, I'd tell BrittleStar not to worry and just have fun and rock out. I don't know if I'll be in Toronto at that time but I will surely tell all our friends to go, and we'll blame the hangover on YOU!!