Thursday, October 06, 2005


It's been so dry. Jasmine thinks it's a treat, because she can go places that she normally can't. She likes to bark at fish.

Something eats the mussels and leaves these shells near the pond's edge. But we've never managed to see who's doing it. Bird? Muskrat? Raccoon?

The happy little creek is low too.

Today we're setting up at Homestead Hollow for the craft show this weekend.

So of course it's supposed to rain!


Katie said...

Beautiful photos! Good luck at the fair!

Ron said...

Seconded, the good luck. Don't let your stock wash away in a sea of bubbles!

One of these days your night gourmet will leave a track ot two. Do you have the Peterson tracks 'n' turds fieldguide? I'm guessing raccoon because I think a heron or such bird would leave broken rather than neatly opened shells, which is what I think I'm seeing in that nifty pic.

Colleen said...

Great pictures. I especially like the one of your dog. I also think it's pretty funny that he barks at the fish. Hee hee.

yllstonewolf said... gonna need a bath!!! good thing jasmine's mom knows something about soap! and i'll bet you have a raccoon.

Kathryn said...

funny, my Maggie loves barking at teh fish in the ponds where we run, and then she tries catching them --- this is especially funny when the salmon are running

Floridacracker said...

I vote for raccoons too. Is the stream yours also? Envy, envy.
If you have mussels, your water quality must be pretty good.

pablo said...

If my dog, Max, knew of such things as fish, he'd bark at those too.

Anonymous said...

Floridacracker, dagnabbit. You took my comment about the water quality! I just read about mussels and water quality last night in my "Priceless Florida" book. Argh.

Anywho, I also second FC's jealousy re: the moving water. Holy moley. Moving water. The only "moving water" I have around me is when the tides are rippin'.

roger said...

do you ever eat those mussels?

Rurality said...

Thanks all.

Ron, we do have that one. I haven't seen tracks there except Jasmine's though. We have seen raccoon tracks down by the creek before. Yep the shells are pretty neatly opened.

Anne would you believe that dog is scared to death of water?!

FC, well as much as one can own a stream, yeah! :) That water eventually ends up in the Black Warrior river.

I didn't realize mussels had to do with water quality. I think these may be the asiatic mussels though.

DPR they are very small! Too much trouble, and I'm not even all that fond of mussels anyway.

Watchmania said...

LOL @ Jasmine barking at fish. Lately Charlie has developed a habit of barking at huge German Shepherds. This involves running at them, stopping a safe 10 feet away, booming "BOOF!" once at them and then running away again as fast as he can. He started doing this about a month ago, for unknown Charlie-reasons.

And I've just remembered that legendary Bushism where W. voices his hope that "humanity and the fish can live together in peace". Obviously he had overlooked the greater problem of dogs and fish ...

Rurality said...

Sara LOL. The fish get back at her sometimes... the grass carp are very big and make a large splash when they're zooming away from the edge, and it scares Jasmine if she doesn't see them first. She jumps sky high!