Thursday, October 13, 2005

Highly collectible art

My nieces hadn't drawn me anything in a while, so I put in a request when we were all at my sister's house for dinner.

Budding Artist #1, 2nd grade.

Her drawing:

"Those are the mountains on top," she informed me. "At the bottom you can see the dew drops on the grass." The sun was setting, of course.

Budding Artist #2, 1st grade:

Her drawing:

"That's my sister Windy on her horse," she explained. She has neither a sister nor a horse, but never mind. "They are riding into a canyon. There are birds in the sky. The best part is that you get to finish part of the background yourself."

I didn't have the heart to tell her that I didn't have any crayons, especially none as fancy as theirs.

But wait, there's more on the back:

On the right she'd written "Windy" and the name of her horse, "Seray," which is evidently pronounced "Sarah".

On the left she'd written several other good names for horses.
Stally (the "a" is like the "a" in "at")
Stalllie (the "a" is like the "a" in "father")
Chratr (She told me how to pronounce this, but I've forgotten.)
Lexiy (pronounced "Lexy")
Asyay (I asked her how to pronounce this one, but she had forgotten, just minutes after she had written it out.)

I like to think that she is taking after me in some small way, since I spent half of the fourth grade thinking up really good names for horses. (No, I never had one either.)


Floridacracker said...

What cuties! I imagine your fridge is now newly papered with art.
She may be getting her horse names from blogger word verification...some of those look familiar. :)

Nuthatch said...

Uh-oh. Competition for Art Lad!

yllstonewolf said...

HAHA!!! best thing i've read all day!!!

Anonymous said...

Niece #1 was very happy to see herself on the internet! Are you sure the sun wasn't rising? I've never noticed that much due at sunset, but I'm sure your niece would argue with me about that.

Rurality's sister

Rurality said...

FC, yep they are cutie patooties! (Feelin' ya on the verification thing.)

Nuthatch, nah, none of their parents blog (yet) so it's probably not an option at present. Though I think it's a good idea. :)

Anne you sheltered thing you, LOL.

Hey sis, well I thought it was setting but you may be right. I thought dew at sunset was odd but I wasn't gonna say anything. Hey aren't you supposed to be on a cruise or something? :)

Ontario Wanderer said...

What's the problem with dew at sunset if your friend has an imaginary horse? One has to be careful as an art critic. I still have not forgiven my grade one teacher for a comment she made about my art 56 years ago. It took me many, many years and a couple of adult art teachers teaching adults to realize why she really was wrong and I was correct all along.

Rurality said...

OW you are entirely correct!

Wayne said...

My God, is that actually a 21st century crayon box? It looks like a sound mixer!

I don't think I've ever seen a figure drawn that looks as happy as Windy on her horse.

jenni said...

How cute! Caroline loves to draw too. The other day she was watching cartoons and I asked, "Why do you love cartoons?" her answer: "Because i was born to love cartoons!"

Kids are smart.