Monday, October 10, 2005

Fall at last

Between Thursday and Friday we had over an inch of rain, and temperatures dropped, from the previous sweltering conditions down to the chilly 50s. (That would be "the chilly area between 10° and 15°" for my Celcius friends.)

We'll be at Homestead Hollow with our handmade soap again the first weekend in November, so keep your fingers crossed that it won't rain on us then. The second weekend we'll be at Christmas Village in downtown Birmingham (and won't care if it rains or not since it's indoors).

Jasmine is the one enjoying the cooler weather the most. It's hard being a Great Pyrenees in the Alabama heat, I guess. She loves winter, and is ten times more playful when she can cavort without getting so hot. She's been exploring in the woods again, and has found a green baby hoodie, a plastic soda bottle, and a piece of ceramic corn. (It goes with the ceramic tomato and the ceramic green pepper that she's already brought us.)


Niobium said...

When we were in Maine the week of Aug. 18 we felt the weather shift to Fall while sitting on the beach. The Saturday we came back we noticed a few leaves had changed.

Now, October, we are fully engulfed in Fall. Since we had a dry summer, many of the leaves are falling before they turn. This won't be a good leaf peeping season (with the gas prices so high, no one can afford to go leaf peeping).

I posted about the deluge up here and how it has affected us.

The Husky also enjoys the cooler temps and is getting a bit more frisky. It's tough being a dog in the sun or else they woulda said "The Cats Days of Summer."

pablo said...

Yes, but what's a hoodie?

Floridacracker said...

Only the promise of cool weather here, but the change from sweltering to "still pretty warm" is something. I knew it was a little cooler this morning when Flounder picked up his tennis ball and was carrying it around in his mouth.

Ron said...

You have a colony of tiny ceramic farmers in your woods??

Rexroth's Daughter said...

I'm so glad to hear that fall has arrived. The light is always so great for photography. And when the dog is happy, all is right with the world!
Nice photo!

Jenn said...

Hoodie: a sweatshirt with a hood.

For Jasmine: would she let you take a clipper to her belly hair in the summer? She'd be cooler and it wouldn't need to be a whole body clip to give her a lot of relief.

LauraP said...

If it doesn't reek, it's a good doggie gift.

Beautiful photo! I love fall for so many reasons.

yllstonewolf said...

hmmm...she must have discovered a ceramic vegetable garden somewhere :)

catherine said...

So Jasmine's a ceramic junkie? Who'd have thunk it? Why don't you get her a kiln and some clay?

I love it when the weather goes from very hot through a thunderstorm to much cooler and my cat finally peels herself off the floor, comes alive and starts racing up and down the stairs, bouncing off the wall, and attacking dust and pieces of string. Makes my day. Plus I hate hot myself.

Clare said...

10-15 degrees Celsius, that's like a summer time heat wave here.

In Saskatchewan a hoodie is a bunnyhug, and we used to call them kangaroo jackets way back when in Roblin.

Chipped a tooth on ceramic corn once, didn't care for it.

Rurality said...

Ha, yes tiny ceramic farmers I'm sure. Actually I suppose it was a gift that someone disdained enough to throw in the woods. And if it's in the woods, Jasmine will find it!

About the hoodie, I'm probably not calling it the right thing. It's one of those towels with a hood on it that are for babies. They didn't have those when I was little so I'm not sure of the proper nomenclature.

Jenn she is terrified of the clippers. I may take her to the vet next summer for him to do it.

Clare if you'd been sweating through 90 degree weather all September, you'd think that 50 was cool too! :)

Nio no pretty leaves here either I'm afraid. Just brown.

Thanks everybody.