Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I found a secret treasure.

Last year I was not so rewarded.

But clearly, I've been on my best behavior lately.


Rurality said...

My spider lily (Hymenocallis occidentalis) likes where I put it!

This was one of the native rescues from last year. It must not like being disturbed, since it didn't bloom until now.

Now please bow your head and say a little prayer for the similarly transplanted yellow fringed orchid.

KFarmer said...

Prayers are being said-

Enjoy the lily while you can. Mine started fading after a few days- right after I realized that my picture I had taken was blurry and went out to get another shot :(

Gin said...

Thank you for posting this. Your plants look so much healthier than mine. I hadn't been out to check them lately, but there's nothing showing so far, and they may not bloom this year. We're hot and d-r-y. Same thing happened last year and they didn't bloom then. Too, the trees have grown so much that I'm afraid the plants aren't getting enough sun. If they don't bloom this year, I'll dig them up and move them.

robin andrea said...

I've never seen anything like that before. It's beautiful. Looking forward to the photo of the yellow orchid.

Floridacracker said...

I love those. They are thick in the river swamps here, and are just spectacular.

JLLove said...

What an apt name! But somehow at odds...of course some spiders are beautiful!

Rurality said...

KF, yep they're gone in a flash. I meant to go back and get another one when the next bud opened... but missed it and now it's mush.

Gin, this one is close to the creek so it was easy to water it last year! This year it did fine on its own. It's mostly in the shade.

RA, it's a bit of a misnomer on the orchid - it's actually the orange flower from the other day. I just transplanted it and hope it will survive.

FC, there is a very similar one that grows only in the Cahaba River. But neither is common here, that I've noticed.

JLL, I guess someone was reminded of legs...?