Monday, August 07, 2006

Get well, Cutie Pie

Cristiano da Matta remains in a medically induced coma following a freak accident during Champ Car testing at Road America. Despite 8-foot fences, a deer found its way to the track, and da Matta collided with it at speed.

I've liked Cristiano ever since seeing him drive for Newman-Haas in 2002 or so. He did a few TV ads that made me realize just how old I've gotten, since they caused me to spout sugary Grandma-praise like, "Isn't he just cute as a button!" (He's rather small.) I started calling him Cutie Pie. I wanted to give him bear hugs.

Besides being cute, he's Brazilian. I'm not sure what it is about Brazilians. I have immensely liked every Brazilian I've ever met. I become a total idiot whenever I meet a Brazilian, and feel compelled to tell them that. But they don't care, because they're Brazilian; they're cool. They just smile and talk to me about Senna.

Da Matta left CART for Formula One. Initially I was excited, but he drove for Toyota, which I suppose meant that he was doomed to fail... midpack teams never seem satisfied with their drivers. He went back to Champ Cars before F1 could crush his spirit irrevocably.

Maybe after recovering, he can join up with Montoya (and Villeneuve?) and try NASCAR... now that would be interesting!

RuSPORT, da Matta's current team, has asked that in lieu of flowers or gifts, donations be made in Cristiano's name to the Hole in the Wall Camps, an official Champ Car charity.


Sabine said...

What a sad story! And yes, he is very cute. And if he is small, even better because I am petite too. I hope he gets well soon. Here in Europe Champ car or NASCAR aren't really popular. Only Forumlar 1. Me personally I cannot see the attraction in any of it. Cars going round in circles at high speed making a lot of noise. But maybe there is a sense in it.


Rurality said...

Well if it were just the cars I wouldn't be interested either I suppose... to me it's the personalities of the drivers that makes it all fascinating. Same for me with any sport, really, with a few exceptions.

Of course the Brazilian personalities make it even more interesting! Which is why I think it would be fun to have them in NASCAR. I don't follow NASCAR now (Hubby does, a little bit), but if Montoya really goes there I will probably start watching it. (He is Columbian.)

They are on a big kick now to try to find a good American driver for F1. (They have one but he's not doing very well.) The theory is that Americans will watch it more if there is an American driver. To me the Americans and the Germans are pretty boring as a lot. Schumacher is good of course but I don't like him! There was once a non-boring German driver (Frentzen)... then I found out his mother was Brazilian, LOL.

Sabine said...

Welcome to the club! I don't like Schumacher either. I once saw a TV documentary about how he had "interview" training. He learned how to look and act in an interview and how to evade answering questions. You can tell he learned his lesson well, if you see him in interviews today.

Floridacracker said...

This is too funny...I never would have guessed Miss Flowers and Birds and Scented Soaps was a car racing fan...
Too funny...

Rurality said...

Sabine, when I started watching F1 was just before MS broke his leg. I didn't like how he laid out for so long, not wanting to go back when he knew he couldn't win the driver championship. I don't particularly like Ferrari either. But I do have to admit that MS is probably the best driver. (I'm cheering for Alonso now though!)

FC, it's all right there in my profile! (Facets, I have facets... ;)

Hubby got me hooked on it after we married. He got interested in it when he worked overseas for several years.

I usually don't write about it because I figure nobody who reads here would know (or care) what I was talking about.

Nio said...

The poor deer. I'm sure it was decimated.


Sonia said...

Love to hear you talk about Brazilian people! Thank you! I am Brazilian too!

James Cooper said...

I knew a few Brazilians in my first college and they were among the warmest, friendliest people I'd ever met. According to them their culture is simply like that and to me that's about as awesome as it gets.

Rurality said...

Nio, oh I'm sure. I'm amazed that they aren't scared off by the considerable noise.

Sonia, I know! I liked you right from the start. :)

JC, yes I think you're right. Plus, I forgot to mention, I think that Portuguese is the most beautiful language.

LauraP said...

My son's returning next week after 2 years in Brazil, so I suspect we'll be hearing a bit of Portuguese around here.

And yes, I'm startled too at this surprising revelation - race cars...who'd have thunk it?