Friday, December 22, 2006

In the woods

Tiny white mushrooms or alien pod people invasion?


I have to use the computer in short spurts these days. I must need new glasses, because the screen gives me headaches and eyestrain after more than just a few minutes. But that'll have to wait til January. (50 million things to do, plus the new year's deductible starts soon...)

Over the holidays I'm going think about updating my links and maybe rearranging them. I'd appreciate some input/ideas. Do people use them? Would it be better to just link within posts now and then? Should they be categorized, and if so can I handle 50 million blogroll accounts? (Or is there another way to do that?)

Also, Blogger Beta/New Blogger. I like the idea of categories but I'm still seeing problems. Your thoughts...?


Earth Girl said...

I have followed them but it would be nice to have them categorized. But don't stop linking within posts, as I'm more inclined to follow those links.

I switched to New Blogger without a hitch and adding catergories to posts is easy. I even changed a category and added a new category (books) without much trouble.

bill said...

I like blogrolls. They are a useful way to search out new reading. I moved mine out to a page of its own just to make the main page look cleaner.

Floridacracker said...

Your blogroll was my map when I first started blogging. I use it less now, but wow! It was a treasure trove when I was new.

I'm liking New Blogger more and more. Posting pics from Picasa is the biggest learning curve as it is not as smooth as before, but it seems to be a "known issue" so I have faith in the blognerds.

When faced with the question of is it a mushroom or pod alien, I always assume it's an alien.

Better safe than replicated ...

robin andrea said...

I like the idea of moving the blog-roll links off-page, and categorizing them.

We've been stumbling through new blogger, but only really having problems because we are a group blog. I haven't explored much of the new bells and whistles, but plan to.

KatKit13 said...

I've not played much with the Beta. Mostly cuz I have no time.

I just wanted to say your shrooms look like some fancy hybrid Chinese Chrysanthemums. They're gorgeous.

Ericka said...

ooh, pretty! so it must be alien bait - don't get too close, you could be next.

my blogroll is for me, really, otherwise i'd forget where i usually read. (i'm still missing one - and i can't remember the title. some day, i'll hopefully stumble across her again.)

i've experienced problems with beta - but there's a reason our IT dep't tests all new programs on me first. things happen to electronics around me that don't happen to other people.

while searching for help with an issue i was seeing, i read something that said that eventually, everyone WILL be switched over. may as well do it when you chose, instead of when they chose it for you. good luck!

karl said...

what flordiacracker said...

plus, new blogger gave me a bit of trouble at first. blog ownership was the issue. my wife started this blog and she had the uber rights to do stuff. i had to switch things around now everything is done through my gmail account. i think i like it better but i didn't like it much at first.

karl said...

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

Rurality said...

Thanks everybody. My blogroll was just for me in the beginning, but now I use Bloglines for that, and haven't updated the roll lately.

Still pondering...

Maktaaq said...

I used your blogroll estensively at first too.

What I've seen other bloggers do, is have a sort of one-sentence addendum at the end of posts describing a recent post I liked.

With Bloglines you can categorize the links, but I am not sure if you can export that list. Categorizing would be helpful and maybe a short post whenever you add something to the list, to alert everyone else?

As for the Beta version, I am having problems rearranging the label layout since I can't find the code in the template! One day when I have more time on my hands I'll do a thorough search.

Also, with the new Blogger, you can edit every single post right down to the very beginnning, whereas previously one could only go back 999 posts or something like that.

The switch over was painless, even with my custom-designed template. It also updates faster when you upload a post.

I hope your nephew and mother-in-law are better!