Sunday, July 06, 2008

Funny Bunny Sunday

I dreamed that I took my favorite photo ever, and decided that the definitive title for it would be Funny Bunny Sunday. My husband pointed out (in the dream) that the picture was of our cat Ginger, and not a rabbit. "It'll still work," I said.

I sat with camera in hand for at least an hour, obsessed with recreating my dream. I waited for Ginger to do anything remotely funny-bunnyish. But mostly he was just interested in sleeping.

"You are not putting that on the internet."*

Kind of bunny.

Kind of funny.

Ginger loves to crawl up my husband's chest, arch his back high in the air, then settle very, very close to the face. I tease him. "That cat looooves you."


*I was able to change his mind.


P.S. I forgot to add a link to the Circus of the Spineless earlier. Sorry, Doug!


threecollie said...

I like it! He is bunnyish enough and the expression on your husband's face is priceless.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

how sweeet this great cat love it HI GINGER!

Greetings from JoAnn Holland

SantaBarbarian said...

so sweet....kitty love! =^..^=

bobbie said...

Definitely funny and bunny. Love it.

Danielles Garden said...

woa, the guy's pretty cute too!

Rurality said...

Thanks y'all. Yeah I think they are both pretty cute too. :)

lisa said...

LOL! I find that cats are the most affectionate with people who merely tolerate them...campaigning perhaps? Is that the case here, or does your hubby WUV kitty, too? Funny and bunny a-plenty, I say! :)

Susan Gets Native said...

If I squint, that cat looks JUST like a bunny.
The cat is cute, the guy is cute.
(You are dreaming about blog posts? Dude, you got it BAD)
My oldest cat, Queen, does the exact same posture on me. REALLY close to my face!

Rurality said...

Lisa, I know what you mean, but in this case the cat knows who butters his bread, so to speak... Hubby is WAY more lenient than I am with them.

Susan, yes, dreaming about blog. Sad! I wonder if the in-your-face thing is where the "cats stealing your breath" idea comes from?

Eric Bronson said...


TA-MIIT said...

Cats are usually well talented to recognize good, warmhearted and handsome men!

So disarming pictures you got there.