Tuesday, July 04, 2006

By request

Quoting FC:

I was thinking about you the other day...in Walmart. I saw the game cameras and it made me wonder about your sneaky game camera. Are y'all still using it?
Since it's triggered by body heat, it doesn't work so well in the summer. Not in Alabama, anyway. We have taken pictures mostly of ourselves going to check the camera. The only other thing was this, in late April:

Chupacabra, maybe?

...and what has Jasmine been up to?
In this time of fireworks, she's been hiding most thoroughly. Deer nibbled the garden last night.

...and how are those baby catfish doing?

Happy 4th!


happy and blue 2 said...

What a strange creature. I would destroy the camera..
Did the fireworks scare the catfish to death..

Floridacracker said...

Wow! Honored and grateful for the response. I just said outloud what all of your adoring fans were thinking :)

I forgot your camera was heat and not motion...should've thought of that.

Poor Jas, tell her it should quiet down now until New Years.

That catfish looks wonderful.

KFarmer said...

My dog has been hiding up under our bed every chance she gets for the past few days. Ummmm catfish dinner- does it get any better than that? I dont think so :)

pablo said...

Here's my guess: that flash of white suggests it is a deer to me.

Laura said...

I agree with pablo - you can see the ghost image of where the tail waved right. I've seen a lot of those white flags waving, over the years around here.

pablo said...

It is hard to judge scale, though. Perhaps this is merely a gray squirrel whose tail looks white.

Hick said...

I love catching up with your blog. Your pictures, as usual, are fantastic and your commentary worth the read.

Rurality said...

Yeah probably a deer, but the chupacabra anlge is a lot more interesting. ;)

The catfish was great! This was probably one that was a baby last year instead of this year, I suppose.