Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend food post

Some fresh veggies from our garden. Those are lemon cucumbers. When I first heard of them I thought they'd taste like lemons - but the name just refers to the shape.

A simple appetizer: Bread, tomato, cheese, basil.

What to do with too much okra: make gumbo.


Floridacracker said...

Mmmmmm Gumbo!

Jimmy Buffet says this about gumbo,

"A piece of French bread with which to wipe my bowl,
good for the body, good for the soul.
It's a little like religion and a lot like sex,
You should never know when you're gonna get it next!"

robin andrea said...

I always thought lemon cucumbers would taste like lemons too! I find it disappointing that they don't. Everything looks quite yummy there.

(Nice lyrics, FC!)

KFarmer said...

nuthin like fresh veggies- going to try the sammy (as Rachel Ray says:)

I posted a picture of a bird I would like for you to look at if you get a minute. It is driving me crazy not knowing what it is. It's black on the outside as far as I can tell and greyish on the underside. The tail is a perfect V and there are V's in the middle of the wing spread. Mississippi Kite is the closet thing I can find to them but don't think that's what the are.

Rachel said...

Your post made me hungry! Nothing like home grown food. Yummy!!

Rhodent said...

How about sharing your Gumbo recipe with us? I have looked for a good one for a long time... it is such a variable dish!

Rurality said...

FC that sounds about right. :)

RA, glad I wasn't the only one! They do taste good though. Supposedly they are less prone to be bitter.

KF I am not that good on hawks! If you get a closer pic let me know... otherwise I'm clueless.

Rachel, I never liked gumbo before but hubby wanted to make it. We left out all the stuff I wouldn't like so it was fine LOL.

Rho he got the recipe off the internet! I will try to get the page and link to it. But he says the spices are not quite right. We need to get a more Louisiana-style recipe I guess.

Rurality said...

OK here is the recipe we used for the gumbo, more or less. Minus the oysters and the green peppers. Plus some tilapia. We will probably try another recipe next time.