Monday, March 20, 2006

Recent activities

New bass and catfish were added to the ponds.

If we'd known you were dropping by, we'd have cleaned the bucket.

Looking for a way out.

It's been stormy and has rained a lot.

The wind chimes have already been stored away twice due to tornado warnings.

Watch your step.

Life has been busy, but we always try to find time to sneak away for exploring.

Remains of what was the biggest tree in this area.

I wonder who lives here?

Flower time.


Anonymous said...

Remember when the "tornado belt" was Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas? Moved, didn't it? :)

Jenn said...


You may never see the bass again, once they are in the pond... but with a little work and regular feeding, you can train (condition) those cats to feed from your hand!

Favorite Apron said...

I've always wanted to raise catfish in a stock tank. Then we could just go out and pick out dinner with a net.

Ed said...

Karen, I always feel as I'm reading a contemporary Walden. Thanks, as always, for sharing the little things (not to mention your land).

Mary said...

I love those kind of windchimes. Never seen any quite those colorful before. I wish I had a yard and some land to roam around on again.

Rachel said...

I loved all the pictures! Those windchimes are so pretty.

Love the picture of the man peeking into the tree too!

Floridacracker said...

Yeah!!! Fish!!!

I just walked in from feeding my catfish and bluegills at the pond. They were ravenous with the recent warm temps.

After a day at work, I swear I can feel my bloodpressure dropping as I feed those fish.

JLLove said...

Great post. Love the pix.
It's that time of year again. Tornado alley hasn't moved from OK - we're on watch again tonight - and by morning might have snow!
But having grown up in TN/GA and now spent almost 2 yrs in OK, I'm not sure the tornadoes are that much worse.

Rurality said...

Anon - We do seem to have more tornadoes than we used to when I was a kid.

Jenn - Maybe we'll see the bass when they're fat & grown & we catch them. :)

FA - That would probably work! We did have a tank like that, that the previous people used for fish. But we turned it into a chicken brooder. :)

Thanks Ed!

Mary - we got those at the huge "Yellow Daisy" craft show in Stone Mountain. I wish I'd kept the card of the man who made them because everyone keeps wanting to know where to get them.

Rachel - that's hubby! He wanted to get inside but the hole was too small.

FC - ours were hungry last week but it's gotten cooler again now. I think the bream are always hungry though.

JLL - Interesting. I guess in the flatlands you can at least see them coming...?

pablo said...

I'm going to believe that you put that windchime picture in because you know how much I love colored glass.

Hick said...

I love the picture of the wind chime. The fish are cool, too.

yllstonewolf said...

it's just like taking a little stroll with you. the colored glass windchimes are wonderful!

wayne said...

I've taken tiny little pictures of our tiny little creek fish for FC, but I'm not satisfied yet.

We've had tons of rain too, but you seem to have already known that!

jenni said...

I think I'm going to go out exploring today. You've inspired me! Thanks.

threecollie said...

All your pictures are always great and it is a huge pleasure to drop by and see them. Those fish shots, especially the cat fish are just plain spectacular!

Ontario Wanderer said...

I've just enjoyed about 3 weeks of your posts. It looks like your spring is moving a lot faster than ours up here in Ontario. We returned from our art course in warm Malta to below freezing temperatures here and almost no flowers in bloom on our property. I am hoping to find some down by Lake Ontario where it is a tiny bit warmer.