Friday, March 10, 2006

Rocks in my head

Sometimes we find rocks made of rocks.

I tried to get a snapshot showing how rocky it is near the top of the hill.

But maybe this closeup of the old logging road bank shows it better. It's limestone at the bottom of the hill and sandstone near the top.

Hubby has started building these little rock towers everywhere.

The creek bed has huge boulders in some places, but this pebbly area is better for wading.

I made a little rock collection near the edge. The red ones often have plant fossils in them.

When I was a kid I was convinced that these were moon rocks.


Rexroth's Daughter said...

That's a lot of rocks! But what a great collection. I'd love to see a close-up of the red rocks with the plant fossils. If you don't have a close-up function on your camera, do you have a scanner? I've seen some fine shots of objects that have been placed on the scanner bed.

Ericka said...

Oooh. Pretty rocks!

When I was a kid, I drove my parents nuts about rocks. Everywhere we went, I tried to bring home a box full. I think I nearly broke the springs in the car a couple of times. I just like 'em.

Now that I'm older, I try to limit myself to a single rock from each place. Sometimes that's very hard.

pablo said...

I love these rock photos. And I completely understand about the rock towers. (Maybe it's a guy thing.) And I also understand about the rocky ground. That photo could have come from the forest at Roundrock too. But I wish the rocks in my water were rounded pebbles rather than the lacerating shards I have. Also, limestone on bottom and sandstone on top. Just like Roundrock. You and I must have been under that same inland see all those years ago.

edifice rex said...

Dagnabbit! You beat me to every post! I was going to show my rocks... which look just like your rocks. I have been making piles of rocks everywhere on our land too but in preparation for building with them. We are certainly blessed with them here in Blount county. But boy, I wish I had one of those purple ones like Pablo's got.

gnumoon said...

OK, my house is built on top of a cave, and inside the cave are all these little creepy rock towers.

I always wonder who built them and why- they look like funeral cairns or something from a Stephen King book.

So in the future, your husband's little rock formations may confuse people and spark their imaginations. :)

Ron Sullivan said...

Wow, what a concatenation! Just think of all those little rocks from elsewhere and elsewhen pausing in their peregrinations for a visit with you in your piece of creek and woods.

I envy in particular the plant fossils.

Thanks for the look at your rock concert!

Rachel said...

I like rocks too. They are quite amazing, the shapes, the patterns on them, the colors, etc.

meresy_g said...

Rocks made of rocks are called conglomerates. In your rock collection photo, working from noon, going clockwise, you have sandstone, slag (some kind of mining?), the two pinky ones are Argillite I think, the yellow egg is quartz, the reddish one at 6 o'clock looks like 'reddog' or burnt carbonaceous shale. The two dark ones to the left are carbonaceous shale. the holy one in between them looks like limestone/dolomite. The little red one is red chert and the stripey one in the middle is also chert. Very nice collection. Up here in PA we see quartz and limestone mostly. blah.

yllstonewolf said...

i'm a stone fan myself. i've got jars full. my favorites are a fist sized rock in the perfect shape of a heart (the valentine kind) and a little green stone shaped exactly like a carved bear fetish. i also like to build small rock towers (cairns). maybe it's a kind of natural graffiti.

Dave said...


Floridacracker said...

Sand, I got sand.

Sunny said...

Love those blue rocks. Went to see some rocks myself today, but, they were "red".

Rurality said...

RD & Ron, I will try to get the pics of fossils... Hubby thinks I may be fooling myself that some are fossils. They are NOT very exciting, just little portions of stems and such. I do have a few that are more exciting and will have to post those too.

Ericka & Rachel, my niece is just like that! She *loves* rocks.

Pablo & Gnumoon, everywhere we went during our trip to Nova Scotia (a few years back), we saw those little towers, so those may have inspired him. Under a sea, definitely - we find fossilized shells now and then.

Annie you can post about rocks too! In fact I think it's imperitive. :)

Meresy_g, thanks so much for all the info! I think the larger black rock might actually be coal. It's a lot lighter weight than the shale one & the texture is different.

YSW, yeah natural graffiti! I love that idea.

Dave - fer shure dude.

FC but you have all those nice buildings with shells in them!

Sunny there are some green ones here too but I didn't find any for this pic.

vicki said...

It must have been the day for woodsy walks.Maybe they ARE moon rocks; there are lots of moons out there. I built a little cairn yesterday, too.

Thank you for your kind support and friendship over these past days. Your visits have meant a lot, R.

thetoymaker said...

Wonderful rocks! I have a row of beach rocks on my windowsill that I change about. The rocks that have holes all the way through are called elf bolts and you are supposed to be able to see the fairy realm through them.... so I've heard.

I love the stacked rocks.

More please!


Gwyn said...

My son found a "moon rock," too, and nothing would convince him otherwise for the longest time. I love the cairns, wish our place were conducive to doing that. One day...

Deb said...

I'm a rock nerd myself; I won a 4-H purple ribbon at the State Fair once for my rock collection. So I appreciate the photos. Around here we have lots of sandstone, but since the glaciers moved a lot of stuff around we have occasional other interesting things, like Lake Superior agates.

Rurality said...

Vicki, you never know! Could be. Hey no prob. It's a sad time.

Marilyn - elf bolts! Love that idea. :)

Gwyn, I was just thinking the other day about how kid beliefs are so hard to shake. For the longest time, I was convinced that if my mother would only buy a certain brand of margerine - I think it was called Royal (?) - we'd all have crowns appear magically on our heads, just like in the commercials. She was such a spoilsport about the whole thing!

Deb that really calls for photos, you know!

Ron Sullivan said...

certain brand of margerine - I think it was called Royal (?)

Imperial! Ta-tada-DAAAH! /bling!/
Whew. Amazing what's lying around in the Brain Attic.