Wednesday, March 29, 2006



Keep all your fingers and toes crossed.

Send out all good thoughts to me today.

I'm working on the dreaded taxes.


Lorianne said...

Oh, good luck! I have to do mine this weekend. I'm a bit gunshy after last year's $3,000 bite in the butt (ouch!)

pablo said...

My wife takes care of all of that for me and just tells me where to sign.

You should get yourself a wife.

KW said...

Hey there,

Just stumbled across your site and wanted to say thanks for the lovely photos. In particular, the wind chimes - are they yours, and if so, where'd you get 'em?! Gorgeous.

LinB said...

You had me worried ... varmints wreaking havoc on the ducks? Some government entity destroying your property? But then it turns out it's only money. When we did ours, we were pleasantly surprised: getting nearly $3000 back. Then realized we goofed (before filing) and most of the refund evaporated. Easy come, easy go. At least we're not paying, which is what we aim for: break even.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Perhaps dinner in a nice restaurant afterwards will help. If you talk about business, you can deduct it next year! Good luck!

Marie said...

<< >> a moment of silence for you.

yllstonewolf said...

:) it's why i married an accountant. so someone else can worry about the taxes. i just make the money to pay them!!

Sunny said...

Just keep glancing at the serene lake picture. There you go, breathe in, breathe out.

Rachel said...

Oh....good vibes heading your way.....

JLLove said...

It doesn't have to be so hard!
Why can't we come up with predictable way to pay!
No surprises!

Oh well, this is why I'll never go into politics! :)

Bebinn said...

Anyone can do thier own taxes. It just takes going slowly line by line to make sure you haven't missed anything. Don't try to go fast at all, don't rush any part. Have lots of extra scratch paper. Also, get more than one set of forms, even a seasoned tax professional messes up the forms. Use one set to figure on and copy everything over to the final form you send in.

Make copies and keep them on hand for at least 3 years, longer if you think you'll be audited.

threecollie said...

Taxes argghhhh...hubby used to do them and we had to be quiet and hide in another room for days while he muttered and cussed in the kitchen. It was awful.
Now we have a bookkeeper and an accountant. It is still awful but at least we can be noisy.
Best wishes at this trying time.

Rurality said...

Thanks for all the sympathy! I should probably point out that when I say, "doing the taxes" what I actually mean is "catching up with my business paperwork that has been languishing for far, far too long, in order to get ready to do the taxes".

Lori, I'm hoping it won't be that bad... it might be though. :O

Pablo - illegal in Alabama still. :)

KW, thanks. I got the wind chimes at the Yellow Daisy craft show in Atlanta. But I don't have the name of the crafter. I'll get it if we go back again this year and if he's there.

Linb, Oh I've done that too. Annoying as all get out!

RD I like the way you think!

Marie & Rachel, thanks I'll need that.

YSW now why didn't I think of that...:)

Sunny, I've been doing a lot of pond-gazing this week...

JLL I know what you mean. The older and more ornery I get, the more I'd just love a flat-rate tax! I'm sure they would still figure out a way to make you waste many hours filling out forms though.

Bebinn, I must confess that although I used to do it that way, I now use a computer program.

3C I should probably break down and do that same thing!

jenni said...

Hope it all turned out good! I LOVE this photo--so relaxing!

Vermont Neighbor said...

This photo is really exceptional. Perfect lake, perfect everything.