Monday, February 28, 2005


Blue-winged teal decoys

When my husband had the idea of putting decoys on the pond to attract ducks, I thought he was nuts.

Jasmine chases off the Canada Geese that try to visit us, so I thought our days of seeing wild ducks at the ponds were over. But she must have gotten used to seeing the decoys, and decided that ducks are ok. (Either that or she doesn't see them flying in.)

The decoys work like a charm. All winter, we've spotted Hooded Mergansers near them. I know I'm being anthropomorphic when I say that sometimes they can be a little sad too.

The Mergansers swim right up to the decoys, and I always imagine that they expect some sort of ducky discourse. They're bound to be disappointed by the decoys' aloofness. (Why won't they talk to me? Do they think they're better than us?)

I know it's silly, I just can't help it.

Some real Blue-winged teal were here once last year, and we've seen Wood ducks several times.

Many ducks spend the winter here in the south, but it's also hunting season, which makes them wary. Sometimes they flush so easily that all we see is their tail ends flying off.

Ducks at a Distance would help, if we could remember to carry our binoculars all the time.


Forms said...

love these decoys. my friends grandfather used to make them and they now have hundreds...

Rurality said...

We saw one of those Antiques TV shows recently that featured old carved decoys. Apparently they are very collectible and some are worth hundreds of dollars!