Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Jasmine shows off the scar from her recent operation.

After talking to a bunch of people at the recent north Alabama soapmakers meeting, I realized that about 20% of the attendees owned Great Pyrenees dogs.

At first I thought that was kind of strange, statistically speaking.

Then I realized -

Lots of them have dairy goats.

People with dairy goats tend to make soap - they've got to do something with all that milk, so they make milk soap.

People with goats also tend to have LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs).

So while it wasn't particularly statistically significant, it was fun comparing stories about Pyrs... loveable stubborn things that they are.

I haven't had a dog in a long time. Actually not at all, in my adult life. But it's been fun. Aggravating at times, but fun.

(No, we don't have goats... not yet anyway.)


shannon said...

"loveable stubborn things that they are." Tell me about it! St. Bernards are too stubborn to evne be LGD's, I think....Ripley ran off today, made a hge circle on the farm across the street, returning all proud of herself just as I trudged back in to the garage to get the truck out to go looking for her....Of course she was SO happy to see me - Argh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Would You?