Saturday, February 12, 2005


Nobody seems to think that this is as funny as I do.

Well obviously some people like it, because it was one of the top ten picks from the Nicktoons Film Festival, which is where we first saw it.

But nobody I know seems to appreciate it properly. The responses I got (when I sent almost everyone I know the URL) ranged from just "cute" to "uh-huh, ok".

Maybe it tickled my funny bone in just the right way. Because I thought it was hilarious.


After we found it online, we watched a few others from the same animators, and also loved Badgers and Magical Trevor.

Some of the things on the site are a little odd and not what I'd particularly want little kids to see - Mr Stabby for example - but these three are all G-rated.

The films all loop, so they won't stop playing until you leave the page. These three load up pretty quickly, even for slow dial-up connections.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Then again, I always thought "Angry Beavers" was a fabulous show, too, so I'm not sure you want me agreeing with you here.

Rurality said...

That one wasn't bad. Hubby's favorite is Rocko's Modern Life but I'm still nostalgic for The Tick.