Monday, February 21, 2005

Sapsucker holes

Sapsucker holes in cedar

Edited to say:
Here's what a yellow-bellied sapsucker looks like. One of these days I might get lucky and get a good bird picture... but not today.

According to most sources, a sapsucker's drilling usually does not harm trees.


Eva said...

I enjoyed seeing the photographs of the flowers. And I agree that getting a good bird photograph is difficult. I'm still resisting the temptation to buy a really expensive camera in order to get good bird photos :-)

Anonymous said...

We have the little Red-naped Sapsuckers here in the Pacific Northest, they're very fun to watch, but I have never gotten a good picture either.

What I should do is take a couple pictures of the apple tree outside our front door and post them....the whole trunk is entirely covered in perfect circles of drill holes. Before we knew who was doing it, we were certain the tree was infested with some sort of horrible bug....nope! It's just a favorite of the sapsuckers.

Rurality said...

Yeah birds are what remind you that a 10x lens is really not that long! :)