Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Viral marketing

An unqualified endorsement for Tamiflu.

If your husband/wife/significant other/posslq/roommate/kid brings home the flu from work/school, run to the doctor the minute you show the first symptom. Say, "I want my Tamiflu".

Or Relenza - I think it's the same thing, only one's a pill and one's a nasal spray.

If you take it within the first two days of symptoms, it's a wonder drug. They should have named it Flu-B-Gone.

The fine print: it's not cheap, and apparently it makes some people nauseous. (I was fine though.)

This should be an over the counter drug, and employers should hand it out like candy when the first person in an office is out sick with the flu.

The doctor's phone was busy for over 2 hours, and his office was as crowded as I've ever seen it. I think half the people in Birmingham must have the flu now. Half the ones in the Trussville area, anyway.


Forms said...

I really need Flu-B-Gone. I have come down with a stomach flu and its really horrible. I think the only thing will be lots of liquids and maybe some soup.

Rurality said...

Yes unfortunately Tamiflu just works on types A and B influenza, not the stomach flu. Chicken noodle soup is always good no matter what ails you.

666poetry-finchnot said...

are the ingredients natural ? what's in it?
we have had a terrible flu here that has ripped
through the entire house hold / 2 adults & 6 children

of course mother goes down last & hardest
it's going on 3 weeks /

i would certainly love a miracle cure
so far it's been garlic / oregano oil
vitamin c & echinachea / / i'm still ill

oiy vay


Rurality said...

No, it's not natural unfortunately. The active ingredient is called oseltamivir phosphate.

You have to take it within the first 2 days of symptoms for it to do any good, apparently.

Chicken soup is always good! And lots and lots of fluids. That is supposed to flush the leftover illness out.