Saturday, February 19, 2005

Signs of spring

Jacob's Ladder Foliage (Polemonium reptans)

Virginia Bluebells Foliage (Mertensia virginica). Still weeks from blooming.

A little trillium coming up amid the cowcumber leaves.

Blue violet (Viola papilionacea) - the first flower we saw this spring. Some people consider this a weed!

Toothwort (Cardamine sp.) - the buds look purple, but the flower will be white.

Another toothwort with different shaped leaves. There are about 50 jillion types of toothwort I think. "Wort" is an old English word for "plant".

Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica) is small and can be easy to miss. Sometimes the flowers are more pink.

Hepatica - the foliage is not the light green blades, but the half-eaten brown leaf on the lower left. The flower blooms next to last year's leaves, then grows new leaves after the flower is gone. One of the common names is liverleaf. This is the sharp-lobed variety; there is also a round-lobed one. Sometimes the flowers are blue/purple, but I've only seen white ones in Alabama.

Jasmine stalks and kills the wild mustard.

I didn't get a photo of the least welcome sign of spring - some very annoying mosquitos.


Anonymous said...

Darn that wild mustard! Our Audrey's favorite thing to eat: used facial tissue. Yuck, I know. I like that I can count on seeing pretty photos on your site and learn a little, too. Thank you.

pavel said...

We are still months away from our first spring flower (yellow violet, usually), but thanks for giving me something more to look forward to.

fred said...

I'm trying to remember now, with the freezing rain falling against the window, why we left Alabama--where wildflowers bloom BEFORE June!

And--I will hope to post links to your frost flower sources on my blog. RIght up my alley!

Rhodent said...
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Rhodent said...

Absolutely wonderful photographs again! I look forward to seeing your latest post each day.

Rurality said...

Thanks Dusti. Our #1 reason to plug holes in the fence is Jasmine's other favorite thing... poopy diapers! Ewwwwww.

Pavel, our yellow violets bloom later than most of the other types. They are the taller variety (not the downy type).

Fred, maybe it had something to do with the mid-summer heat and humidity?!

Thanks Rhodent, I don't know why your comments keep coming up twice. Blogger is acting funny lately.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Spring flowers! Violets! I grew up in Georgia, and I miss spring coming so early.

I'm cracking up at the mustard bottle. Fionn lives for plastic; he drags five-gallon buckets around the pasture, and lawn chairs, and anything else plastic that he can get in his mouth. He's not much into bones, or anything that we actually buy for him to play with, however.

Lorianne said...

Pavel's right: here in NH it will be *months* before we see any flowers. That's the main thing I miss from growing up in Ohio: they have spring, and here in NH, we just have mud! :-)

Zen Mama/aka Lorianne

Rurality said...

But as compensation you have those wonderful autumn leaves!

The flowers are not really out in force here yet... but they will be soon.

I think they may have started a week or two earlier than normal this year due to all the warm weather we've had.