Monday, February 14, 2005

Interesting spider

I found this spider down by the creek. Judging by the way his legs were folded (and by the way he didn't budge when I poked him with a stick), I think he had recently met his end.

I was able to look him on up on this really cool spider site, and found out that he is a marbled orb weaver (Araneus marmoreus). Not a dangerous spider at all.

A word of warning, though. Do NOT look at the pictures of brown recluse spider bites on that page unless you have a strong constitution.

I don't have a strong constitution at all, at least not about medical stuff. I confess that I have felt a little faint ever since viewing the spider bite pictures.

The only time I ever really completely fainted was at a first-aid lecture. There was a drawing of a tourniquet and a chopped off leg involved.

People are usually sympathetic about this at first, and sputter satisfyingly, and agree what a horrible thing that was to be showing to impressionable young girl scouts.

Then they always start pressing me for details about the drawing.

When they find out that, well no, the drawing wasn't really all that graphic, it was just a simple line drawing... they start snickering.

It's hard to stop them from laughing long enough to properly explain about my very vivid imagination.

Anyway, it's probably not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with what the brown recluse spider looks like. The map shows that they are found in Alabama, but I've never seen one.

In general I am not superstitious, although at this point I feel obliged to say "knock on wood".


CraĆ­g said...

So glad I live in the UK, none of our spiders bite, we have no snakes, bears, crocs, wolves or anything remotely dangerous... we killed and ate the ones that could survive the rain a looong time ago.

Rurality said...

I guess the scariest thing we see on a fairly regular basis is snakes. I try to avoid "snaky" areas once it warms up and they start moving around. Normally if they hear you coming they'll run in the opposite direction.

Once again I feel this irresistible urge to say, "knock on wood"!

I have been a little concerned lately about the idea that there may be a mountain lion in the area, although there are not supposed to be any here.

I need to find a good tracker to ID some scat for me!

Anonymous said...

R - your link to the spider site above is broken. The problem is in the spelling. Your URL says "ommonspiders" - you'll be wantin' to put a "c" in there...

At least that was how it came up in my browser window.

BTW - you'd HATE my job. I work at a Medical Examiner's office! That's a morgue, dontcha know...

Rurality said...

Well for whatever reason, it seems to be working now. Strange.

Yeah I would probably have a hard time in the ME's office. I like to read about things like that, but not see them.

Patricia Cornwell novels = OK, as long as they're not illustrated. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice page on spiders! I have a blog page on spiders at I get lots of spiders on my eaves every fall, you have to watch out in the morning for new webs in your way in the sidewalk.
Randy Emmitt