Saturday, June 18, 2005

Guess what else

I have no willpower whatsoever.

They are all females, I think. The yellow one and the calico from yesterday are siblings. The other one is a little older and is very mischievous.

Still no names for any of them yet. (More suggestions welcome.)

Jasmine has met the bigger one. She seemed interested, but the kitten was not impressed. (Hiss, spit, hiss.)


Eva said...

Uh oh :-) Kittens are very hard to resist!

Niobium said...

My childhood cat, Kitty, looks just like the orange tabby. Kitty got the name through default: I wanted the name Chainsaw, but my mother's husband wanted Ginger. Because Ginger is my grandmother's name, I wouldn't agree. My mother wanted the Lady, which I thought was woosey. Then we found out that she was a he and got saddled with Kitty.

Kitty was an awesome hunter and brought us all kinds of treats. He would be very hurt if you "refused" one of his gifts and wouldn't come home for days. He disappeared one day and never came back when he was about 12. He is still missed and it's been over a decade.

The grey tiger you have is a lot like my cat Claw the Chill Kitty. I got her as a kitten and she lived with me for about eight years until she was hit by a car and died a senseless death.

Claw T. C. Kitty was my companion through the toughest years of my life--my twenties. She survived us moving every three months for over a year, living with a Border Collie named Max in a small Cambridge apartment, and living with Kitty, who never forgave me for bringing in another cat (and a girl at that!)

Wolf and I bought our house about five months before we got married. I didn't want to live with him before we married, but I moved in all my "stuff". I considered it marking my territory and moving stuff in was better than pissing in the corner of each room.

I moved Claw T.C. Kitty in for Wolf to take of and he did a fab job for the month she was there. We were both there when she was hit by the car. It was one of the worst days in my life.

Her death was not all bad: because she went to the Great Mouse Heaven, Wolf and I went to our local shelter and adopted our two cats Harley Davidson Softail and Caesar "Big Daddy" Strega. A year later while at the shelter's annual Walk a thon, we had the opportunity to meet a Siberian rescue organization and that's how Jaxsun came into our lives.

Cats peer into our souls in a way that no other being can. You are fortunate to have three beings in your home. Will they be allowed outdoors?

PS I think some great names would be deity names. The book _Cat Magic_ has some fab ones and I could share if you wish.

Niobium said...

Ok, I'm sharing cat names, whether you want me to or not =P

Agassou (Haitian): The panther god Agassou protects the traditions of the area.

Anat (Canaanite): A goddess of fertility and love. Anat has for her sacred animal a lion.

Apollo (Greece): Apollo was believed to be the creator of lions whereas his sister Artemis created domestic cats.

Bahu (Hindu): The goddess of creation, Bahu was depicted as the constellation of Leo.

Freya (Scandinavia): Freya's chariot is drawn by cats, specifically lynxes.

Getesh (Syrian): A goddess of love, beauty, nature, and health, Getesh is shown in regional are as standing on a lion.

Kwan Yin (China): The goddess of fertility and health, Kwan Yin is sometimes depicted with a lion cub in her arms. Kwan Yin teaches us about magic and divination.

Maahes (Egypt): The lion god Maahes is the son of Bast and Ra. Lion cubs were often raised in Maahes' temples. This deity presides over necromantic divination, occult knowledge, and communication with the spirits of the departed.

Mafdet (Egypt): The lynx goddess Mafdet predated Bast as a life giver and protectress.

Pakhet (Egypt): The lioness goddess Pakhet's name means "she who scratches." Unlike her name, however, Paket is protective mother, loving and defensive.

Ruti (Phoenician): The god Ruti's name litterally means "he who resembles a lion." Ruti was the god of Byblos.

Seshat (Egypt): The goddess of books and recordkeeping, Seshat wears the mantle of a feline.

Tefnut (Egypt): The lion-headed goddess Tefnut, daughter to Ra, rules over rain and dew with fertile and creative apsects.

Cat Magic by Patricia Telesco (who also wrote Goddess in My Pocket)

pablo said...

I've never really liked cats because I've never found a good recipe for them.


Maktaaq said...

Pablo, you are funny.

I like the name "Chainsaw," too.

I don't have any cat name suggestions but I have to say: "Aawwwww! They are so cute!"

~ J ~ said...

I can NOT resist a cute kitten face.....nothing can melt me faster. I have two adopted females that allow me to live in thier home. We named them Violet and Varuka after the 2 little girls in "Willy Wonka" (hubbys all time FAV movie) When we took them to the vet for thier first visit the Dr came in and asked thier names. No sooner did I get them out that he said "Ohhhhh Willy Wonka...I LOVE that movie"....needless to say he will be our vet forever :) Cats are an incredible force to have living with you. They seem to sense our bad days even when we refuse to admit them....they know better then anyone when we need a distraction and they will curl up and love you when the world seems against are very lucky!

Zuleme said...

I would find it hard not to name the ginger one Ginger and the lovely grey striped tiger I would call Niobe.I believe that is the Goddess of the moon in either Greek or Roman mythology. Pronounced Ny-O-bee. I always wanted to have a cat I could call that but mine are all boys.
Brendan, Fergus and Silas and dear departed Finnegan.

Magazine Man said...

My dad would recommend naming them That Goddamn Cat, The Other One, and That One Too. Actually, in his dotage he has developed a soft spot for animals, esp. cats. His favorite is a feisty calico he named Moxie. It's a good name for a calico.

My son recommends Skitterball, Stripesy, and Cookie Dough (for the calico). Better than That Goddamn Cat, I guess...

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Oh boy are you going to have fun. Adorable kitties. Watch out for the coyotes.

happyandblue2 said...

Why would anyone name a cat. They don't come when you call them anyways..

Anonymous said...

Might as well just do it and name one of them Dusti and one of them Sunny. I had a friend named Sunny in HS and college, and a woman we knew named her cats after us. I think Sunny is a good cat name. My friend has a cat named Fran. My dog is Audrey, but that's very much a dog name and not a cat name. Also, I'm reading a Junie B. Jones book with my kids right now, and I think that's an adorable name.

Karen said...

Petals, Cookie, or Callie. (All girly names. :)

Rurality said...

Thanks for all the great comments and name suggestions! Hubby and I have a hard time agreeing on pet names.

Currently we're fairly sure about Ginger for the ginger one. Maybe Alice for the striped one - that one is less sure... she might be too crazy to be an Alice. On the calico/tortie one, probably Dusty. She hides behind the fridge all the time so is acting like a little kitty dustmop - so Dusty would match her personality. I do like "Cookie Dough" a lot too though. (Cookie for short of course.)

BTW that one appears to be tortie on her back and calico on her stomach.

jojo said...

How about Onion, Swee' Pea, and Radish?

zuleme said...

How about Lucy for the calico?

Rainypete said...

We called our cat Spike. We don't really know why.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I had a kitten named Spike Jones and her sis, Butch Cassidy. Another male, the Sundance Kid, joined us a few weeks later. I was in a new neighborhood and didn't want to call 'here, kitty kitty', I called, "here Spike , here, Butch, in Sundance" so the neighbors would think I had dogs.

After them we added Amos Moses, The Cajun - a tiger. Now we have Timone and Mistique. Fancy, who was just plain white trash, passed on.

I have been wanting a male to name Mr. Meowgi.

I think Lurker is a better name for Dusty. Lurk is what she's doing and dusting is what she is getting.

I like Ginger, it's a plant, goes with Jasmine, how about Tiger Lily for sis?

Rurality said...

I really wanted to name them all after plants - actually essential oils - but hubby keeps saying no... (Coriander, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Patchouli, Tansy...)

Valerie, hubby's sister already has a cat named Tiger Lily! Mr Meowgi, LOL.

I think Ginger and Dusty are fairly certain already. It's the bigger kitty that's still in doubt. I've been calling her Alley Cat today but not sure if it will stick.

Actually I have been fighting the urge to call them all stinky or stinkpot.

Jojo I can just see myself out in the yard yelling, "Onion! Onion!" :) (I call everybody Sweet Pea already.)

Zuleme, I thought about Lucy but it doesn't seem to fit somehow.

Rhodent said...

How about Kudzu for the unnamed kitty. It grows even fater than your Virginia Creeper!

I LUV CATS said...
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