Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Duck huddle

The decoys have become unmoored.

One still has a little listing to starboard problem.

I suspect that Magazine Man may be right - it's the duck equivalent of mooning everyone. How rude!


In other news, we have DSL!

I had to run and rub Hick's nose in it, since she also lives in the country, and also has a dog named Jasmine.

But she evidently hasn't pleased the high-speed internet gods like I have. Or she doesn't live near a highway, or something.


Zanne said...

DSL? DSL!!!!
I'm pea green with envy, sitting here and getting old with dial-up. I called SBC the other day to check on the status of DSL in our area. The customer service rep told me that they were working hard to get DSL in our area. I said, "I've been living here for 11 years, you need to work a little harder".

So....strictly out of jealous curiosity - how fast is it?

Rurality said...

According to this (thanks to Sugarmama for the link), I'm at 264.56 Kbps this morning. I was previously getting around 40K with dialup I think.

I can tell the most difference in sites with large graphics. It really feels like I'm speeding.

swamp4me said...

Hey! I have DSL too -- Darn Slow Line. My current connection is a blindingly fast 21.6 K. Woo hoo!!

But seriously...congrats on your DSL. I can only imagine how nice it must be.

Maybe one of these days... :p

Hick said...

Whoa! Swamp4me gets slower connection than me? I'm zipping along right now at 28.8.

And for your information, Ms. Smarty Country Gal Gone Bad, I do too live close to a highway...I heard that there is one about 30 minutes away from here...or so my neighbors tell me...maybe...okay then.

roger said...


more posts. faster. bigger pix.

oh wait. my favorite reality (rurality) places do one post a day. that's all i can keep up with.

dsl is great for faster surfing. congrats.

swamp4me said...

Hick, I am jealous of your 28.8!! Things are s*l*o*w here in the swamp -- they get even slower when it rains :)

Karen said...

Hee hee! Some of those ducks in the huddle are real, right?

Karen said...

Oh yeah - what's the point of having decoys if there are no real ducks?

Rainypete said...

You may want to go pick up a few of those Rural stones, or maybe even the drunken duck there, and sit them on top of your computer.

Now that it's screaming along at warp speeds you don't want it to fly off the table do you now?

megabethcom said...

Just think --- you have faster internet access than I do! And I live in the middle of Homewood. Charter is still bringing me bits and bytes in an old bucket.

happyandblue2 said...

Hurrah for fast computers and ducks mooning other real ducks..

Rurality said...

I think living close to the highway really helped with the DSL.

SM, we had Charter at our old house and never had many problems... it was faster than this DSL actually. I don't know why yours is so bad!

No, no changes on Rurality due to better bandwidth - just faster downloading of everyone else's.

The ducks really need to come in for the summer. Most ducks only visit us in the winter, except for Wood Ducks, and they aren't much fooled by decoys.

RainyPete, hey it could happen!