Friday, June 24, 2005


Lots on the schedule today so instead of anything original I'm going to send you to visit the Ontario Wanderer, who has just started a blog.

Besides showing me up on my false tree ID two posts ago, the Wanderer has added insult to injury by posting a photo of a hummingbird... on the nest! If you're a nature nut like me, you'll want to bookmark the site.

Also check out his excellent wildflower page. (I'm assuming that the Wanderer is Dean, but it's possibly one of his partners in crime.)


Magazine Man said...

You always have the best links.

But don't worry, your blog is always my son's first stop (and mine too). :-)

The other day, while walking the dog, Thomas saw this enormous shaggy whitish dog and said to his mom, "That dog looks just like Jasmine!" My wife was clueless, until I explained Jasmine was from the same blog that inspired her in early spring to get her garden going. How versatile you are.

Now if you started posting pictures of brownies and other treats, you'd have my daughter checking you avidly too!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Thanks for the link. That is a great shot of a hummingbird in the nest.
We put up a photo today that we thought might be a golden eagle. Two commenters have already set us straight. Immature bald eagle. We have another photo of a bird that we are fairly certain is a Virginia Rail. The beak is incredibly obvious on this one, but the body is really thin--Come on over and take a look. Let us know what you think.

pablo said...

This is a great blog you've found for us. I've already bookmarked it, but just as with magazine man, I always visit yours first!

Dean said...

Thank you for linking my blog and web page! Yes, it's Dean and I have had several positive visitor comments already.

This is almost as much fun as the communication that my grade ones used to have when I got them on the computers a few years ago when I was still teaching.

happyandblue2 said...

That Dean is such as showoff with his hummingbird on the nest and all, tee,hee.
I like your site even if it is substandard now..

Rurality said...

Yes well I've been feeling awfully substandard. Now there's just an excuse for it. :)

TurtleHeart said...

(In answer to your comment on my blog) Yes, you read correctly! We were married same month, day, year-- June 14th, 1997! It *is* a total twilight zone moment! Happy belated anniversary!

Rhodent said...

thanks for the great link!