Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I promise I'm not going to post pictures of our new kittens every day.

I'm starting to think that Ginger (left) is a male rather than a female. My husband thinks Ginger isn't a proper boy's name. "Ginger Baker," I keep saying, but he doesn't know who that is.

He doesn't know who anybody is.

"Tom Cruise."


Well it's not that bad, but almost. Celebrity Who's Who is not something he's spent much time studying.

"Nicole Kidman."

"Who? Never heard of her."

"She used to be married to Tom Cruise. She played the mother in that movie The Others, remember?

"Oh yeah."

On the other hand, I tend to remember useless trivia, such as:
Denis Lawson played Wedge Antilles (Red Two) in the original Star Wars movie. According to IMDB (Internet Movie Database), he inspired his nephew to go into show business. His nephew is Ewan McGregor, who plays the young Obi-wan Kenobi in the newer series of Star Wars movies.

My husband can't remember Ewan McGregor's name though, he just calls him Obi-wan.

Sometimes we have nutso ideas for little projects. Once we decided to have a meal featuring the cuisine of whatever country the Formula One race was in that week. For some reason that one never got off the ground.

Another time we decided to see all the films that a certain actor or actress was in. Since we had just seen Attack of the Clones and Black Hawk Down, we decided that Ewan McGregor would be a prime target - we were already two movies up without even trying.

It's a harder thing to do than you might imagine, though. Ewan McGregor has made an awful lot of movies. I think we saw 17 of them before we gave up on that project too. (But if you ever see that The Pillow Book or Killing Priscilla will be showing on one of the movie channels, let me know.)


Edited to add: All the celebrity talk reminded me of this hilarious post I read the other day: Jennifer Aniston Is Controlling My Brain. Actually the whole blog is great. Beautiful writing.


Trix said...

My hubster still claims that he doesn't know who Ewan MacGregor is and has never heard an ELO song, while for some inexplicable reason I know that Tige Andrews played the captain on the Mod Squad and is fond of crafting landscapes from dryer lint.

Anvilcloud said...

Kitty pictures are good.

I, too, am terrible with actors and names, but I do know Tom and Nicole, and ... I forget who else ...

Deb said...

You're starting to think that Ginger is a male? You mean I'm not the only one who has made mistakes in sexing young kittens? (My Alexandria is now Alexander) What a relief!

I don't keep up with celebrity names either.

Maktaaq said...

I can't remember actor names either.

But I remember the Pillow Book - what a terrible movie! This one really grossed me out (it is a Peter Greenaway movie though and Greenaway has always grossed me out). It also had a sort of faulty understanding of Asia, if I remember correctly.

"Once we decided to have a meal featuring the cuisine of whatever country the Formula One race was in that week."

What a great idea!

Magazine Man said...

My wife is the same way about all manner of trivia, esp. actors' names.

When I lived in the UK, I saw Denis Lawson in quite a few TV movies (alas, the names of which escape me). He's a really good actor, with a range that extends far beyond shouting "Red Three standing by!"

And of course his nephew rules. Shallow Grave is amazing. And while a lot of people thought it was stupid, I was quite delighted by A Life Less Ordinary.

Niobium said...

You can't name a boi cat Ginger, first because "Ginger" isn't a boys name and second, it's my Nana's name *wink*

RMS said...

Melanie's dog looks like Ewan MacGregor:

Sort of.

pablo said...

How blissful it must be not to have your brain all littered and cluttered with pop culture nonsense. I'm envious.

Rurality said...

Trix you have to wonder if they've ever picked up a magazine, huh?! ELO was the first band I ever saw in concert, by the way.

We can have a remedial class for Trix's hubby, Anvilcloud, Deb, and Maktaaq. (Go ahead and start your homework by reading People magazine.)

Deb if they were already adults it would be so much easier! My brilliant niece said, "Why don't you hame it Alex, and that can be for a boy or a girl?" Smart kid.

Maktaaq, it was that bad, huh? Well I won't hold my breath waiting for it... but I'd probably still watch it on tv. I don't guess I've seen any Greenaway movies other than "The Cook etc".

I think we became disenchanted with the F1 food idea when we realized we couldn't get wines or other alcohol from 99% of the countries. Alcohol laws are so dumb. Why shouldn't they offer interesting drinks from other countries? Maybe they do in Canada or even in other states in the US... but not in good old Alabama. I could get French, Italian, or Australian wine but I think that's about it. Maybe beer from Germany or England, but I don't like beer.

MM I liked both of those. Of course I also liked "Velvet Goldmine", "The Serpent's Kiss", and "Eye of the Beholder", so I might not be too picky. I wasn't that crazy about "Big Fish" though. Oh "Trainspotting" was superb of course.

Nio you are as bad as my husband! Ginger Baker! Ginger Baker! :)

RMS... hmm...! I have actually seen her site before but I can't remember how/why I was there. I just remember that huge foot. (The statue, not hers.)

Pablo if your life ever depends on a trivia contest you'll change your tune...

happyandblue2 said...

I don't remember anything. I don't even know whose blog I'm on as I type this..

Zanne said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who keeps totally useless information in a mental cache file. There was a time when I was development a mental sub-folder that contained the middle names of TV characters. You had to watch alot of TV for their middle names to come up in conversation.

Such as.....James Scott Rockford, Felix Alex Unger. There were more but the vagaries of age have corrupted the file!

To tell you how old I am, my first concert was the Beatles last concert Chicago. Sigh.

shannon said...

Kitten ? : are your critters gonna be farm cats? When we moved here Runner and Pavlov were already well ensconced as the farm brigade. but now that someone dropped of this kitten this am, I'm not sure how to make him stick around once he gets wormed and his shots - or will he just have to make up his own mind??? What do you think? -Shannon, using all willpower not to snuggle the kitten and set off a massive allergy attack :)

Charles said...

yes, yes, good! I am constantly forgetting actor names, and there I was blaming early onset dementia. More cat pics please. thank you.

luminouslens said...

Adorable kitties. I have no problem with photos of kittens. :)

Rurality said...

H&B, well I don't remember anything important - just the trivial, it seems.

Zanne I have found that age corrupts all my mental files as well. Cool that you got to see the Beatles. I saw Wings but of course it's not the same. :)

Shannon they tend to stick around whoever feeds them.

Charles & Luminouslens, you're really going to regret saying those things when I start posting cats every day... :)