Thursday, March 03, 2005

A brief hiatus

As promised, here is a summer view of the workshop.

It will probably never look this nice again. I took the photo when we were first thinking about buying the place.

The previous owners were paying about $300 a month for landscaping services, to keep everything looking manicured.

We tend to favor a more natural look, probably because it involves a lot less weed-eating.

Show set-up is today. If I don't have time to update here until it's over, I'll be back on Monday.

Note: It seems that "Hello", where I'm hosting my pictures, is having a little trouble today. If the pictures aren't showing, try hitting "reload", or just try again later... sorry!


Rhodent said...

Beautiful picture... beautiful place. You are very lucky to have such a special place to be!

happyandblue2 said...

It is a beautiful looking place. Lots of places to explore. I like the more natural look as well..

Rurality said...

Thanks, we really are lucky to have found this place. We'd talked about moving out to the country for years... hubby's favorite hobby was looking at land for sale. Everything was always too expensive or too far out or too something. When we first saw this place I could really picture us living here. The deal almost fell through more than once, but ended up working out great!