Sunday, March 20, 2005

Kid party

My niece, cutie pie birthday girl.

I had another picture showing the face of this other cutie pie niece with flowery knees, but her mother didn't want me to show it on the internet.

Not related, but cutie pie still.

Birthday girl in a little pique, after having been told that some broken toys had been thrown away. (She got over it.)

Logan the dog was a big hit.


jenni said...

awwwww! That's sweet. Children are precious. Caroline is coming this week and I'm very excited (nervous).

megabethcom said...

Did you ask the dog if it was ok to post his photo on the internet? He doesn't even have clothes on! ;)

Rurality said...

Jenni you will do fine!

SM, I must be jaded, I didn't even notice that. He would probably be a good match for Ruby - I've heard that she runs around nekkid a lot too.