Monday, March 21, 2005


Resurrection fern (Polypodium polypodioides).
The latin name really seems to stress the fact that the plant has "many feet". It's an air plant that can play dead - click the link for more info.

Fungi. I haven't delved into trying to figure out the names of fungi yet - I think this is a type of shelf fungus. (If you know the name please leave a comment.)


swamp4me said...

I am saving my photo of resurrection fern for Sunday (even though I am not a religious person).

Fungi are a pain to identify -- I often wish I had a pet mycologist around to do it for me :)

Magazine Man said...

Yeesh, hope this posts. I've tried 3 times tonight (now watch, it'll post three times. Sorry if that happens. Brackinfrackin Blogger!)

Anyway...Fungi and I do not get along. My first car (a 71 Ford Galaxie. I miss it still) had some kind of freakish mushrooms growing out of the carpet. When I used to put me feet on the floor, a strange dust would filter up and I'd have to drive with the windows down. I'm dizzy just thinking about it.

LOVED those cute kids from yesterday's post. Esp. the fuzzy one!

Rurality said...

S4M, you are infinitely more clever than I am... wish I'd thought of that! I keep trying to get a photo I like of the dried-up version, but I haven't been successful, and it keeps raining.

MM - too funny. I imagine that strange dust = spores. Bet that makes you feel better, huh?